Age of the Internet: How to Decipher Real Information from False Information

how to decipher real information from false informationWhen your dog gets into the trash and you notice the aluminum foil from last night’s baked salmon is gone, you panic. We all do. The unknown is scary, so the first thing we all do is hop on the internet and search the effects of your furry friend eating trash. The internet offers great information, like how to make your dog vomit, so the indigestible objects they ingested will find their way back up. It’s a simple solution. (Take a turkey baster full of vinegar and release the solution down your dog’s throat. Do this outside, because not minutes later, your dog will vomit up everything good and bad that it got into in the trash. Perfect.) However, you may have to do some searching before you find an article that is that helpful, and you will have to sort through even more articles about horrifying incidents that happened to pets that got in the trash, sending you into panic mode even more. And what is the number one rule of any emergency situation? Don’t panic. An hour later, you realize you are still browsing the internet reading terrifying, oftentimes unhelpful and unnecessary stories.

Read Comments and Reviews

The internet has so much great information. From do-it-yourself projects to how to’s of every caliber, the internet has revolutionized the way we share information and learn. But how do you decipher good information from bad information? One tip is to read the comments and reviews. This is one way to quickly get to the bottom of an article or product. Reviews and comments are from people who have had real-life encounters with the page’s contents. From consumer goods, health tips, and vacation rental reviews like the ones at Welk timeshare reviews, to entertainment and experiences, reviews will tell you the truth about what people liked and didn’t like about something.

Look for Scientific Research

Especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing of your family, you want to know that the products you buy are safe and proven efficient. Take for example diet supplements. There are millions of brands out there with their own campaigns that will tell you the pill works. What appears to have worked for one person may not work for every person. If you are in the market for anything from dietary supplements to facial creams, be sure the product’s claims are backed by scientific and clinical data, such as the advanced fat burner known as Lipodrene. You can find the best quality, most effective products online, but do your own research and read the reviews.

When in Doubt, Do What is Right For You

Even if you read a review that one consumer would not recommend a particular mattress because it was too firm, remember that a firm mattress might be right for you. In addition to reviews and research, always use critical judgement when deciding if a page contains good or bad information.

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