Is Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance Worth It?

alloy wheel tyre insurance

What is Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Generally speaking, most modern cars tend to have thin tyres that make it much easier to scuff the alloys on just about anything – especially when parking your car. Granted, this damage is usually cosmetic, however defacing your new car in anyway is a heart-breaking moment and unfortunately, repairs can be expensive.

“Refurbishing an alloy wheel costs far less than it would if you were to rely on a normal car insurance policy, thus there’s not really much point in claiming on it should the worst happen to your alloy wheels”, Nathan Hope of Emerald Vehicle Sales. “Instead, alloy wheel insurance is specifically designed to help keep your alloys looking brand-new – the excess for alloy wheel insurance is normally free or around about £10.”

Is Alloy Insurance Worth it?

Supposing your car is on a lease or PCP finance and its alloy wheels are damaged, then at the end of the term you might be charged for this. In this case, alloy insurance is a fantastic way of reducing this risk to a minimum. However, obviously if you scuff only one wheel in your term there’s not much point in paying for alloy wheel insurance, but if you scuff wheels like it’s your day job, then you’ll see the benefits straight away.

What is Tyre Insurance?

Many motorists presume that tyre insurance is non-existent or in some cases, have never heard of it and what it actually protects – this type of insurance tends to cover you against punctures. Granted, tyres never used to be something worth covering on insurance, but considering how expensive modern tyres can be lately, this might be worth thinking about when you come to buy a car.

Is Tyre Insurance Worth it?

If you own a large car like an SUV then tyre insurance may well be worth the money. It won’t only ensure you get back on the road after a puncture, but it will also help you upgrade your tyres to a set with good grip – these are typically premium tyres and are always a better choice than settling for an unknown brand. After all, your tyres are the only contact point between you and the road so a good set is a smart investment.

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