What You Should Know About SIM Only Phone Contracts

sim only phone contracts tips guidesA SIM only contract is a product that offers a specific amount of minutes, text messages and data for a fee that is payable every month. You are only required to purchase the 3G SIM card and not a new phone. It will improve you’re your mobile phone experience.

How Do SIM Only Contracts Operate?

The operations involve the SIM card only. It is cheaper to obtain a SIM card with the specified settings than to have the mobile phone settings changed. A SIM card is a chip that carries information such as your phone number, PIN and call settings. It is the one that makes the mobile phone to work. The 3G SIM card’s settings can be adjusted to a particular communication network. The SIM only contract works only because it is possible to change your mobile phone and still retain your SIM card with all the information in it.

Advantages of the SIM Only Contract

A SIM only contract is a better and cheaper option as compared to constantly changing and upgrading your mobile phone settings and paying for them. You only have to pay for the SIM card deal charges. The package also comes with different products that you can choose depending on your financial ability.

How to Go About It

Once you have identified an ideal SIM only package and you are satisfied, contact your network service provider and inform them of your decision to switch. The network service provider will connect you to your new SIM only contract a month after your old contract expires. If at a certain point you want to switch to another network, do not worry. Inform your network service provider of the need to do so. Ask them to change your mobile phone settings so that it becomes easy to switch. You may be charged a certain fee for the procedure.

Can You Retain Your Original Phone Number?

If you do not desire to change your mobile phone number, do not worry. You will have to obtain your Porting Authorization Code (PAC) from your current network provider. You will be required to fill a PAC request form or make a call to get it. It is given for free. It is made up of three letters and six digits. Give your PAC code to your new network service provider in a month after you obtain it.

The number transfer usually takes about twenty-four hours. Meanwhile, you still be able to use your old phone number. Once you receive your new SIM card, insert it into your handset to ascertain that the number transfer is complete. Registration to the network service provider should reflect on your mobile phone. And you are good to go if it does.

To settle your concerns about your vital information ending up in unsafe places, destroy your old SIM card. Cut it into pieces and make sure you destroy the gold colored part as it is the one that holds all the information before you throw it away.

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