How Magento Has Won the Hearts of E-Commerce Web Developers

how-magento-has-won-the-hearts-of-e-commerce-web-developersWhen it comes to the most popular web development programs, Magento is usually the top favorite of the developers. The open-source system assures free and easy download for any developer, and its wealth of features have enabled Magento to stand out in the crowd with élan. Magento has been able to win the hearts of e-commerce web developers courtesy it’s many benefits. The post below discusses the many benefits of taking to Magento web development.

Awesome features

One of the best things about Magento is that it’s designed with an awesome range of features- such as advanced search, layered navigation, wish list, product comparisons, favorites, multi-store feature, grouped products etc. You are also promised a fantastic CMS here for the static pages and SEO performance. In simple words, Magento assures a fabulous user experience and customer satisfaction benefits as expected by the visitors of your e-commerce store.

Highly flexible

Magento is a highly flexible solution and as such can cater to any size of business. Moreover, the versatile array of templates assured by Magento enables it to accommodate websites on any industry. It’s like that with Magento; there is something for everyone.

Easy editing

As the business grows, your website has to be updated consequently and Magento guarantees a convenient way to add new pages, update content, and perform other related tasks. No wonder Magento is a darling of the web developers.


This is one of the most crucial benefits of having your e-commerce site developed on Magento. The e-commerce sites based on Magento are backed by efficient management of top SEO measures such as page traffic, indexing, landing page, duplicate content and so on. The very SEO edge alone as guaranteed by Magento makes it a worthy choice for your e-commerce site.

Easy carting and multiple payment options

Magento based e-commerce sites offer step-by-step instructions to customers on your site regarding the purchase of a chosen product- assuring a convenient experience for your traffic. Another great thing about it is that it comes up with around 50 payment gateway options. This way, it would be easier for you to cater to a large group of customers.

Smartphone friendly

It’s the era of smartphones today, where people are increasingly taking to mobile phones for almost every online activity, including shopping from virtual stores. In such a situation, it’s the need of the hour to develop responsive shopping stores that can run conveniently on the small-screened browsing devices. Magento promises you the desired mobile-friendly sites.

Multi-store management

Multi-store management through one administrative panel is usually tedious, but Magento has changed everything today. Thanks to Magento, each online store could be set distinctly, equipped with its typical product catalogue. Magento assures stress-free 24/7 online business operation and management.

From the above discussion, it’s clear that when it comes to developing your e-Commerce store, it’s smarter to head for a Magento Design and Development Agency. Just make sure that the agency is a reputed name in the market, backed by official Magento certificates.

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