4 Tips in Creating an Impressive Business Card

4 tips creating good business card
It only takes 10 seconds for a person to remember you as “just another guy” or “you’re THE guy!”. That’s why people often said “First impression is the long LASTING impression”. The fact is that in Reality, people do judge a book by its cover, unless you’re good looking or the rich and famous kinds of person, you only got one chance to make a great impression turning a potential interested client into a paying ones. One of the oldest trick is to present them with a humble piece of paper we called “Business Card”. It is not just an ordinary business card, we have to make it uniquely stand out and more beautifully designed than the other business cards he/she has on their possession.

A business card is probably the most powerful offline marketing tool for your business. Of course, you can’t expect people to learn all about your products or services just through a card. The main purpose of a business card is to act as a medium to present a professional image of yourself or your company so that people will remember.

Creating or designing your own business card can be done by yourself if you have the experience, hiring a designer or a business card printing company which include designing service in their package. Below are few useful tips that you may follow to create an impressive business card.

1. Choose An Appropriate Card Style For Your Business

When choosing the best style for your business card, you must make sure the theme match the nature of your business. For example, if you are in a technology company, a clean and futuristic style might be suitable for you. There are many different kinds of style to choose from.

2. Utilize The Space On The Business Card Effectively

Besides putting the standard information such as your company name, your name, addresses, contact number, job position, etc. You may want to maximize the exposure of your products or services by putting some images that represent your brand or some tagline to capture people interest on your business. Social network info can also be included on the business card to utilize the space.

3. Make Your Business Card More Valuable Than Others

Your business card not only can act as an information provider for your business, you can make that piece of paper worth something to anyone by including some sort of freebies printed on the card, i.e discount code, toll free number, free consultation, and many more. Then, people will keep your card for future use and decrease the chance of it going into the bin :D.

4. Think “Outside The Box” Kind of Business Card

There is an alternative or one might consider it as an extreme way of impressing your potential clients with your business card. Making a fold out card where people can see more about the products or services you’re offering. You may put product images or service portfolio into the extra folding, you might as well put some recognitions or awards winning information if you have any for your business. Be CREATIVE! For example, if you’re a car dealer, you can make a car shaped business card and many more ideas you can think of, just make sure they are wallet or pocket sized for convenient carry.

In conlusion

Creativity and innovation are what separate us from losing or winning. The piece of paper we known as “Business Card” not only we can use as an introduction of our businesses, it can also be use as a powerful marketing and selling tool for our businesses. An impressive business card will definitely increased the chances of “You’re THE Man” they will look for when they needed your products or services. If you’re looking for a good business card designing and printing, you can check out www.exclusive-websites.co.uk. Their stationary design service offer high quality and custom made business card designs and prints.

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