Basic SEO You Should Practice When Writing an Article

basic seo for writing article
Before i bored you with another SEO Techniques you should be doing nowadays, indulge me!. First, i won’t be repeating what every SEO gurus teach you before, like optimize your title and meta description. Also not the over popular phrase keyword, keywords and KEYWORDS…yes the last capped is intentional 🙂 Today we are going to walk-through the basic SEO you should be practice when writing an article.

There are many element you need to consider when writing a well converse article. Using the proper language or slang, using the suitable HTML tag and many more. Here are some basic article SEO to follow:

Use Suitable HTML Headings

Never use H1 html tag inside article’s content. The H1 heading should be use on the main article title only. You can use H2 or H3 for your article content’s keyword heading.

Avoid Too Much Inline Styling

Never use too many “inline styling” inside your article. for example:
<span style="margin:0;font-size:12px;font-family:arial;">...some text...</span>
This happen sometime when you ‘copy and paste’ text from Microsoft documents or text editor software. Imagine if the inline styling were repeated numerous times inside content, it will annoy the search engine and might degraded your article search engine rank value.

Include ALT tag in images

Always include alt in image html tag. example: [highlight color=”#333″ bgcolor=”#ededed”]<img alt=”Your Image Title” src=”file” />[/highlight], search engine will treat alt html tag as text when user disable images in their browser. This will prevent you from losing any extra traffic referral, mainly from Google image search.

Human not Robot Context

It is known that search engine love article that contain reviews or personal thought. A basic human interaction and languages is consider useful in the eye of the forever twisted Google search engine’s algorithm. Here are some example:

Robot context
– Matt ate sushi yesterday and he said it is spicy hot.
– Susan take the book from her younger sister easily.

Human context
– Matt ate sushi yesterday and he said it feels like larva melting in his mouth.
– Susan take the book from her lil sister like taking candy from a kid.

well, you get my point 😉

Linking inside Content

Don’t be stingy, link back 1-2 sites related to your content. Preferable a high authority site such as wikipedia and wikihow or use Buzzsumo to find the most shared content related to your written article. Also link back 1 article from the same site related to your article. For example, i’m currently writing about SEO in writing content so i’ll link back 1 related article in the same site here.

Bold a key point text

If you’re writing a long article, try bold your content key point but don’t do it too much, one every 5-10 paragraph is enough. For example:

“SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content”

Final Note

Enjoy your content writing freedom, express your thought with words. Don’t be discourage when ‘grammar police’ come knocking on your site. We can’t be all expert in English literature…

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