Here’s Why You Need a Spill Kit on Your Worksite

spill kit on your worksite

If your business regularly utilizes or transports any kind of liquid from oils to fuels or aggressive chemicals, you will require a chemical spill kit. Many companies are required by law to have a spill kit, but if you’re on the fence, there are so many benefits to consider. 

Create a Safe Workspace 

A safe work environment is one where everyone is prepared for as many different situations as possible, and that’s why you need a spill kit. If your business regularly handles any type of liquid, whether it is water-based, hydrocarbon, or corrosive acids,  there is always the risk of an accident resulting in a spill. 

Part of creating a safe work environment is making sure your workers are physically and mentally safe. 

Employees who know their health is being taken care of and know that there is an established emergency plan can also continue their business with less stress. This creates a mentally and emotionally safe work environment where high standards are set and maintained. This directly affects worker productivity and can even prevent stress-related errors in the long run.

Develop Safe Workflow 

Liquid spills can be disastrous for business workflows when portions of a workspace must be closed during clean-up. Oil spills can increase the risk of falls and prevent forklifts and other transportation equipment from safely moving through the area, and toxic or corrosive liquids will require thorough cleaning to remove any health risks when workspaces reopen. 

 Safe and smooth workflow means recovering quickly and efficiently from accidents like liquid spills to avoid disruption so your business can continue as usual.

Cleaning up Accidents

Perhaps the most obvious reason you need a spill prevention kit in place is to clean up workplace spills as they happen without having to wait for professionals to come and do the work for you. This is even more important if your business or organisation handles hazardous liquids, as corrosive substances can damage property and injure employees. In addition, all types of hazardous liquids can have long-term effects on the environment if left unchecked. The longer the clean-up period, the more likely it is to affect a larger area and enter local ecosystems and water supplies.

Following the Law

Australia is known to have stricter environmental laws than many other countries and if an Australian company is undertaking an activity that poses a risk of spillage, they are subject to strict regulations. Strict as a requirement of the business. Failure to do so could result in substantial fines, even if environmental damage or personal injury did not occur as a result of the spill. 

The law states: A person must ensure that the spill containment system provides for the clean-up and disposal of spilt or leaked hazardous chemicals and any waste. 

It is important that when your business regularly handles or transports liquids that may cause spills, you should consult your state’s laws regarding liquid spill prevention and cleaning regulations to comply with the law.

One Last Thing  

Having a spill kit in place when your business is involved in the use or transport of liquids is not only a requirement of Australian law but also means your business can respond quickly. and effective if an accident occurs. Establishing the right procedures and training staff effectively not only means faster recovery from liquid spills, but also reduced property damage, a safer environment, and happier employees.

Now all you have to do is choose the right Spill Kit, and when it comes down to it, no one beats Spill Station. 

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