Maximum Immersion: What Features Make a Gaming Monitor

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At first glance, there is no real difference between a gaming monitor and a regular one. Both kinds of devices provide a sharp image in high resolution. This claim could be truthful a decade ago when video games could not boast graphical delights. At the current moment, video games are at the cutting edge of visual technologies. Even modern cinema adapts some of the graphics tricks from the video games’ workshop. It is more true for the next generation of video game consoles that are already on the market. Soon, we will see a stream of graphically amazing video games, and we should be ready for them. That’s where gaming monitors step in. 

Main Features of Gaming Monitors

The main feature that distinguishes a regular monitor from a gaming one is immersion. Immersion is a pretty vague term. It is hard to describe it in simple words. Immersion is a combination of technical parameters and in-game visuals that together create a unique gaming experience. You surely can experience immersion with a regular device. However, gaming monitors were specifically designed to boost the feeling at its maximum. 

maximum immersion what features make a gaming monitor

Samsung g7 odyssey is a prime example of a good gaming monitor. It has all the necessary characteristics to fit like a decent gaming monitor. Modern video games provide a cinema-like experience besides the raw graphical excellency. Therefore, you spend a lot of time watching cinematic videos within games. For that purpose, Samsung Odyssey has a slight curvature that contributes to the immersion. Regular monitors are usually flat and don’t try to impress users with fancy forms. Other gaming monitors have curvature between 1500R and 2000R, sometimes creating a bit of an odd experience. Samsung g7, on the contrary, has a slight curvature of 1000R. It is enough to create a comfortable, wrapping experience, but not too much for regular working tasks.

If you want to learn more about the technical ins and outs of the monitor, you may check out this Samsung Odyssey G7 Review by Insider.Games. Here you will satisfy your curiosity about the monitor’s pros and cons and put up your mind concerning the upgrade of your setup.

Another significant feature of the Samsung g7  is the high refresh rate. Office monitors usually don’t have a refresh rate higher than 60Hz. Frankly speaking, they don’t need one. The task of an office monitor is to show the static images or show presentations. There is no particular need for a high refresh rate. Samsung Odyssey, on the contrary, has a high refresh rate of 240 Hz, three times faster than its office brethren.

One of the significant features of modern games is the high frame rate. Games running in 60 FPS or even more look smooth and sharp, without images tearing or blurring. High-end video cards and powerful processors are the core element for high gaming performance. However, it won’t pay off unless there is a decent gaming monitor that can properly provide in-game images. Samsung Odyssey is a perfect finishing touch for any gaming-setup aimed for the highest gaming quality.

In addition to the high refresh rate, Samsung Odyssey features native FreeSync technology and supports G-Sync technology. These programs synchronize the monitor and the video card of your Pc to maximize the video output. It results in a clear image without graphical issues or the image’s tearing during intense gaming sessions.

Besides, you may benefit from a gaming monitor if you are a casual gamer and do not pursue the highest quality possible. One of the advantages of the Samsung Odyssey is HDMI support, which guarantees a rich and vibrant image. Watching movies and serials may be compared with a home cinema easily. Samsung Odyssey shows one of the best possible HD images within its pricing niche.

Video Games for Samsung Odyssey

maximum immersion what features make a gaming monitor1

We run a few tests with the actual modern games and reevaluated old-time hits to check out how Samsung Odyssey transmits beautiful landscapes of renown hits:

  • God of War (2018). God of War did a miracle with the old-generation hardware and created truly fascinating landscapes. The visual part of the game is famous for the drawing distance, colorful special effects, and color variety. Samsung Odyssey shows all of the details in the most intense and calm scenes equally. Besides, Samsung Odyssey demonstrates no issues incompatibility with the console’s hardware. Therefore, it won’t be an issue to make a non-Pc gaming setup.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018). It is one of the visually flawless games present at the moment. The insane amount of visual effects present in the game at the square meter is just impressive. Due to the G-Sync and FreeSync technologies, Samsung Odyssey easily handles the quick change of pace in the game and keeps the sharp images in high resolution and 60 FPS.
  • Ghost of Tsushima (2020). Another Sony hit, Ghost of Tsushima, is a visually peculiar game at the least. It has a very dynamic image with a lot of moving particles almost in every moment of gameplay. Besides, it has an alternative visual mode that overlays a black-and-white filter on the image, mimicking old movies. Samsung Odyssey does not lose the performance and shows neat details in any visual mode.
  • TES 5: Skyrim (2011). The game that can be truly called classic at the moment. Back in the time, Skyrim fascinated gamers with wild Northern landscapes. The special edition of 2016 still keeps the bar high and may work as eye candy. Skyrim is full of variable images and picturesque locations. Rich monitor’s colors, curvature, and HD quality contribute to the immersion like nothing else.
  • Dark Souls 3 (2016). Software games are usually praised for many reasons but not the graphics. Still, Dark Souls 3 manages to look stylish: there are a lot of color contrasts and masterful work with lighting. Samsung Odyssey shows the deep shadows, reflections, and glimmering of steel with accurate precision. With a good gaming monitor, even old games may shine as new.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a seasoned gamer who looks for an upgrade, or a novice, choosing something for the start – a good gaming monitor is a device that brings gaming to a new level.


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