Preparing Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2015

Digital-Marketing-Strategies-2015As we’re near to the end of 2014, it’s an ideal time to look into what the New Year may hold for your digital marketing needs. A digital strategy is not like a generic business plan, with goals and objectives; instead it should be something that constantly evolved inline with the industry itself.

As a Digital Agency, we know the importance of entering into the New Year with a firm idea of your digital strategy’s requirements. It should however, be done with the caveat that it is, ultimately, a ‘moving piece’. If you can appreciate this and actually embrace it, then it will allow you to create a digital strategy that will harness a wide range of tools to make it a success.

Some aspects of a 2015 digital strategy that we at Soul Digital consider important are highlighted below:


Before examining why this demographic is so important to your digital strategy in 2015, clarification should be given to ‘who’ millennials are. It is widely accepted that a millennial has a birth year ranging from the early 1980’s to the early 2000s. In 2015 this will make them between 14 and 33. Why should you ensure that your digital marketing strategy incorporates Millennials? Firstly, Millennials believe that their voice and opinions are both hugely important and relevant – not only to their peer group but also to family and friends. If they are influencing other people then, as a brand, you should make sure you get them on-board.

Secondly, because of their age range, Millennials have disposable income. Market research supports that Millennials, as a group, have the largest portion of spending power when compared to other age groups. By reaching out and engaging with them, you are making sure that you are targeting people who can actually spend money on your services or products.

The phone

As technology in Smartphones continues to increase, it also drives dependency on them. People are increasingly becoming attached to their phones; wherever you go you will see people on their Smartphone. Make sure that marketing to smartphones is included in your strategy. This could include simple text messages right through to mobile checkouts and mobile applications.

Active Vs Annoying

As technology allows you to connect with more and more people, both easier and further afield, there is a temptation to increase the frequency of this interaction. Being active as a brand is important, it keeps you visible and current. But there is a line to tread between being active and being plain annoying. Constant engagement, especially when it is not relevant, is only going to do one thing, drive customers away.


With so much content and engagement via online methods the consumers are becoming ‘brow beaten’. To reinforce your messages and themes and to make sure you create an element of trust with the end user, use statistics and facts. Infographics, although already used, will become even more widely used as people look to use visual representation to communicate both messages and facts in an easy to understand format.

Social Conscious

People’s social conscious is now greater than ever and with media outlets reporting on every infraction from companies around the world, consumers want to know that brands are actively trying to make the world a better place. This may just be in their local vicinity but nevertheless, whether you are contributing socially, economically or environmentally make sure you promote this. This will receive positive publicity and become a ‘self-perpetuating’ cycle – the more you do, the more publicity you will receive.

One Source

With so much information readily available on the Internet, make sure whatever content is on your website is backed up by opinions, facts or testimonials. Don’t make people go off and search for them. They will do it, so ensure you have it all on hand for them which will attract people to spending longer on your website and in turn, increase the chances of converting them into a customer.

As expressed in the opening paragraph, don’t be afraid to adapt and change your digital marketing strategy throughout the course of 2015. However, by paying attention to the above points and implementing them where appropriate, you will find your digital marketing strategy in a strong position entering the New Year.

 About the writer

MarcoMarco Rosano is a highly capable and well-respected digital strategy consultant with success and experience with online businesses. Marco has over 10 years experience in web development and online marketing and has founded four digital businesses here in Australia.

Holding a Master of Technology (Internet & Web Computing) from RMIT, Marco has created valuable business assets within online industries and by using online mediums.

As Managing Director of Soul Digital, Marco is responsible for new business and setting digital strategy across the agency. He has the ability to create innovative, yet simple strategic online directions and transfer these into opportunity for his clients. His key skills include a love of all things design, online/inbound marketing and web development systems.

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