The Evolution of the MacBook: Top Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro

The Evolution of the MacBook: Top Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro

Mac users usually buy their computers at the end of the year. Do you know why that’s the case? It’s when Apple usually releases the new MacBook Pro models. This year, Apple updated its current 13-inch model in May. After all that talk about the butterfly keyboard, the company finally decided to change its mechanism in 13-inch models as well (before that, the new keyboard was only available on the 16-inch Pro model). 

So when will the new MacBook Pro 2020 hit the market? Apple’s next event is expected on 17 November, so we’ll know about potential new models then. Should you wait or should you get one of the models that are available at the moment?

We’d suggest waiting. The evolution of the MacBook proved that the company consistently improves its products. Yes; there have been a few failures (*ahem* butterfly keyboard). But overall, each new launch beats the previous one in terms of capacity and performance. 

Reasons to Wait for the 2020 MacBook Pro

  • Rumors Say the Price Will Be Lower

We cannot claim this for sure, since Apple stays quiet about the price of their expected products. But if there’s even a slight suspicion that you might pay a lower price, why not wait for a few months?

Currently, the starter model of a 13-inch Pro costs $1,299. That price is hardly going to rise with the new models. Apple hasn’t increased the starting price for quite some price. 

  • Apple Will Introduce New Chip Architecture

The company announced that it’s abandoning Intel chip architecture for the sake of introducing its own chips. The Intel-based Macs that are currently on the market will soon become history. 

This may lead to problems with slow-running apps on the new systems. However, Apple and third-party developers will start adjusting their apps to work on the new processors, so the older computers might be having trouble in the long term. 

With the new chip architecture, users expect to get improved battery life, boosted performance per watt, better thermals, and functionality that’s closer to the latest iPad Pro. The new processors will be optimized for better performance on graphics tasks.  

We don’t know if Apple is going to make this transition with all its new models. But we won’t have to wait for too long to find out.

  • We Might Get an Improved Memory Capacity

The entry-level MacBook Pro doesn’t have an impressive RAM capacity, but it still comes at a high price. Air models start with a slightly higher memory level, and Apple is expected to get its Pro models in line with that. 

  • New Models May Come with 5G Support

The MacBook Pro 2020 is expected to get 5G support, too. Reportedly, Apple has been testing new material for the antennas in its computers, with the aim to deliver better speed and overall performance. 

If you often connect your Mac to a mobile hotspot, you’ll appreciate this feature. You’ll be able to directly connect to a 5G network without exhausting your phone. 

  • We’ll We Finally Get an HD Camera?

MacBook Pros aren’t known for impressive webcams. The 720p video quality output on current models is modest, to say the least. Apple received tons of criticism due to this fact. The company is known for listening to its users, so we might finally get an HD camera in 2020 models. 

As for the display, major improvements aren’t expected. Apple pushed the Mini LED technology to 2021. But who knows? Maybe we’re in for a surprise in that department, too. 

The Evolution Continues

If your work and your life don’t depend on getting a new MacBook Pro right now, we’d suggest waiting. Apple is expected to announce the features of the 2020 models in November. There’s not much time left by then. Once we know what we’ll be able to get, your decision will be simpler: will you upgrade to the latest model or will you stay with an older version of a MacBook Pro?

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