5 Key Factors in a Successful SEO Campaign

5-key-factors-in-a-successful-seo-campaignSEO is often sold as a formula. You need a certain number of words, a specific number of backlinks, and you’ll be able to meet your traffic goals. There is no doubt that this formula is important, but there are several other key factors in how successful your SEO campaigns are. If you want to build a profitable online business, make sure you’re meeting these targets.

Providing the Right Information

People use search engines to solve their problems. When you’re attempting to optimize a specific page, you need to think carefully about what people are looking for. Is your landing page truly the best resource for the search term you’re targeting? The right agency might be able to get your site to the top of the search results, but only by providing readers with the information they want will you be able to successfully turn these readers into customers.

Reaching the Right People

The ultimate goal should be to get your brand in front of people that are likely to purchase the products or services that you offer. If you’re running a home renovation company, you’re probably not going to want to target people who are using google to find out how they can do their own home renovations. This is a very important part of your public relations strategy. It’s not just what you’re saying, but who you’re saying it to.

Maintaining Contact

It’s not easy to reach a consumer and convert them into a customer on the first try. Statistically speaking, a consumer needs to be exposed to your brand seven times before they’ll want to purchase what you have to offer. SEO allows you to reach out to consumers who may not have otherwise found your business. But once you’ve got them on the page, you need to find ways to retain them. This can be as simple as getting them to follow you on social media, subscribe to an email list, or even collecting their data for a retargeting campaign. If you want the most value for your efforts, maintaining contact with your client base is essential.

Targeting the Right Mindset

When a buyer finds your page, what is their mindset? Have they already researched their options, and are looking to purchase your products or services right now? Or are they simply browsing around for content that interests them? Mindset has a huge impact on consumer behavior. With SEO, this means targeting specific keywords that suggest consumers are in a buying mindset. Phrases like “best” or “cheapest” indicate purchasing behavior. Often, you’ll find that targeting a low volume buying search term is more profitable than a high volume informational keyword.

Marketing Cohesively

SEO is just one piece of the puzzle with internet marketing. Most online businesses also take advantage of content marketing, PPC advertising campaigns, and media buys. It’s important that you keep your marketing campaigns consistent, and ensure that they operate cohesively. For example, PPC can be used to target search terms you haven’t yet been able to rank for. Media Buys can help you reach audiences that aren’t using Google. When your campaigns work together, you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience than you would have ever thought possible.

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