5 SEO Techniques You Should Adopt in 2019

5 seo techniques you should adopt in 2019
Digital marketing is a difficult beast to tame no matter the year. That is because it keeps changing based on a certain search engine company’s whims or decisions. Hence, being able to adapt is key especially in 2019 as we delve deeper into new technological depths and capabilities.

Thankfully, you are not alone in this endeavor. We have some tips and techniques for you to adapt this 2019 when it comes to search engine optimization. With these, you can be ready for any change to search engines come 2019 and adapt well enough to still get good results no matter the adjustments made by Google.

Monitor the Changes

This is already a given, since we did discuss above that Google will always keep changing its search engine algorithms in order to accommodate, censor, and even weed out undesirable or harmful content. Of course, all of this will still be a reaction to how people on the internet utilize search engines or what information they tend to see.

That isn’t to say business end users are not contributing to these changes. In fact, Google is now favoring longer articles at the moment for SEO to compel businesses online to write quality pieces that are worth reading, after all, search engines are for humans. Always keep track of any search engine changes to be prepared.

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Vox Populi, Voice Search

With the advent of more advanced android phones and iPhones ever year, people are starting to utilize the voice search function a lot more these days. In fact, there are already predictions that voice search is going to be one of the biggest SEO trends to in 2019 or 2020. That means it will have quite a big impact on how you optimize for search engines.

How? Well, there is actually quite a difference in how people query their searches with typing compared to voice search. For one, voice searching is more conversational, meaning people using them tend to search with long phrases and questions instead of the usual grammatically incorrect typing lingo. Learning how to utilize such a user behavior could be beneficial for your SEO in the long term.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Gone are the days when people only read news and access websites on PCs and laptops. People are now more attuned to reading news and other content in the comfort and convenience of their phones. That means they also do a lot of the searching on their phones especially with the voice search feature now pretty much viable than ever.

That is why catering to mobile devices when it comes to search engine optimization is crucial these days. Anyway, you definitely will be having a mobile version for every website too, right? By the way, people’s searching habits are also different on the phone than when on computers. They tend to be in a rush when they are on their mobile devices, meaning grammar and structure tend to be ignored in such scenarios.

You can also go International

seo target demographic
Having a target locale or demographic is good and helps you stay focused when it comes to SEO. However, the world is so big and has so many people and a lot of these people might also be willing to view your page or content, especially if they have a high population which speaks your website’s language.

You can even check with each and every country how popular your keywords or search terms are in their locale using the best VPN on the market if you are curious. That or you could try to search up what is popular in their country to include those. Regardless, more people to see you and your page(s) never hurt and if they like what they see, who knows, they might keep coming back.

Never Underestimate User Experience

When people visit your website or page, the first thing they will notice is not the content itself, but the speed at which the website and the images load, the buttons, the background, and the general appearance and feel of the site. If they find this to be pleasant, then the content will do the rest of the work.

Just think about it, you might have the best content ever but if your website design is not up to scratch or does not complement that, then you might as well post that content in a forum instead. Users love polished and smooth things as those look more credible and legitimate. This means testing your site’s performance and speed across any available browser, operating system, or platform. Busy work, yes, but it can and will help you retain users along with the content.

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