A Brief SEO Tutorial and Tips For Online Marketers

brief seo tutorial tips for online marketers
Everyone knows that traffic from search engine results pages can be very lucrative. This is because it is organic, targeted and thus easy to convert. Consequently, online businesses around the world are constantly looking for effective strategies for improving their Google rankings. This article should serve as a brief SEO tutorial and tips for online marketers follow:

1. Use HTTPS

If your website is not already using the more secure HTTPS SSL protocol, its position in SERPs could be suffering. Site security has been a major SEO ranking factor for years now, so there’s no excuse for your website not to be using encrypted data connections. If your web host does not offer HTTPs, it’s time to upgrade.

2. Improve your site’s loading speed

Website loading speed is another SEO ranking factor that has been influential on a website’s SERP positions for years. There are many things that can impact how fast a site loads, but things under your control include your web hosting provider and on-site design features. While interactive multimedia websites are all the rage, you need to make sure you choose a web host that can serve the content effectively. Also, you need to keep in mind that many of your visitors might be using internet connections with limited monthly data plans.

3. Invest in quality content

In order to achieve good ranking on search engine results pages for lucrative keywords, all of the content on your website needs to be informative, easy-to-read, shareable, up-to-date, accurate and unique. You should run all of your content through Copyscape to make sure it has not been plagiarised. All copied content can have a detrimental impact on Google rankings. Don’t be tempted to use keyword stuffing. Ideal keyword density is under 3%.

4. Optimise for voice searches

seo voice search
When it comes to choosing your keywords, you need to take the growing popularity of voice search into account. Basically, conversational keywords, longtail keywords and question-based keywords are going to become more lucrative and their monthly search volumes are sure to increase. You can get ahead of the game by optimising your website’s content for voice searches today. Even just adding a FAQs page to your website can help to improve SERP rankings for voice searches.

5. Don’t stop building backlinks

The number of backlinks a website has from trusted domains is still one of most key SEO ranking factors. So, continue to create more quality backlinks and don’t risk jeopardising your rankings buy purchasing backlinks from blackhat SEO providers. The best SEO Tutorial and Tips websites go into more detail about what constitutes a quality backlink.

6. Start learning about keyword intent

Search intent is going to become a very important factor that impacts SERP rankings in the coming months. The reality is that keywords can have multiple intents. For example, if someone searches for the phrase “email marketing” they could be looking to buy an email marketing service, or they could be looking to learn how to do email marketing, or they could be looking for the best email marketing tools. Google is set to use AI and machine learning to try and determine a searcher’s intent as quickly as possible and then present relevant results. This means businesses need to start learning about optimising content for keyword intent now.

7. Keep your skills up to date

sharpen your seo skills
The online search engine landscape is forever evolving, which means everyone serious about running successful SEO marketing campaigns needs to keep their skills up to date. Fortunately, there are lots of great free online resources where online marketers can learn all about the latest news and developers in the industry as well as projected changes to Google’s Algorithm for 2019. Just search for advanced SEO Tutorial and Tips.

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