Google In Real Time Contest

We all know that Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world. If someone has not heard of Google in this day and age, they must have been living in a cave, without Internet.

When you look at Google in real time infographic given below, the numbers are staggering! It’s really a great and very interesting infographic presented by Buddy Loans.

As of 2012, over 60% of all Internet searches were done using Google. And there are a lot of searches being done each and every day. And it is not just Google searches, but also visits to YouTube as well.

So here is a little game or contest that you can play alone, or compete with friends and family:

Try To Guess Google in Real Time Contest

The rules and how to play is very simple.

Simply pick a category from the Google in Real Time infographic, which can be found here.

Next, pick a time-frame, it can be 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or a few minutes.

You then try to guess the numbers for that category, either alone, or competing with someone.

Start the infographic, watch the time, and see who came closest to the exact figures. The clock moves quickly so you’ll have to be quick to catch it.

An example may be to try and guess how many Chromebooks were shipped in 10 seconds, there were 6. What figure did you guess and close were you, or whom you were playing against.

How many Chromebooks shipped in 30 seconds, it was 19.45, how close were you.

It can be addictive trying to guess.

So come on and join in our little contest.


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