How to Boost Your Blog with SEO

how to boost your blog seoDoes your blog need a little SEO kick to get it started? Ask yourself, are you doing the following? If not, now might be time to start…

Space Out Your Content

To make your content readable, it needs to be broken up into easy to digest chunks. This means keeping your paragraphs short and utilising subheadings throughout the text. People don’t like reading walls of content, and it’s important to have a simple structure that’s pleasing to the eye.

Links and Links!

Linking to other reputable sources will give your article more weight. It’s also great for the reader to be able to refer to more information on the subjects you are talking about. You can link to other bloggers, in the hope that they will return the favour, but make sure that you contact them, so they know that you have plugged them in a post.

Sharing Buttons

Make it as easy as possible to share your content via social media. This way, hopefully you will have a wider audience tapping into your blog. It can be quite a bit of effort to copy and paste a link onto Facebook or Twitter – get a simple process going where your reader only needs to click a button to show their friends how much they liked your post. Here are a few more reasons on why this is important.

Previous Posts

Don’t forget your old posts. Always bear them in mind and link back to them in relevant, new articles. You may want to expand on old topics or review your thoughts on past entries. Looking backwards is a great way to get people to read previous pieces.

Guest Posts

Get your name known by guest posting on blogs with a strong social media following. It’s a fantastic way to create a buzz. Guest posting can bring audiences together, so if someone has a similar fan base to you, sharing is a great way for you to mutually benefit. Be selective with where you choose to guest post, however, as not all bloggers have a readership that is worth your time.

Write For Your Readers

At the end of the day, your readers are the most important people. If they are happy, and they continue to grow in number, then you will rank highly in Google. Don’t get caught up in sponsorships, adverts, and all that sell-out stuff. Although it may earn you a pretty penny, it can harm you in the long run.

Get Your Blog Hosted

It’s best to use a reputable web-hosting company such as 1&1 to get your domain name and your blog hosted. Google isn’t too fond of free blogs. You really restrict yourself if you don’t go through the route. It will cost you a monthly fee of a few quid, but if you enjoy blogging, this should be fine. Oh, and get a domain name that is easy to say and simple to read.

Write Well

Lastly, put the time and effort in to write meaningful and interesting texts. Don’t just go with short posts – Google likes useful, lengthy chunks of text. The better you become at writing over time, the more traffic should come to your site and boost your rankings.

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