How to Rank for Amazon Searches

how to rank for amazon searches
In dominating retail ecommerce sales, with 47% market share, Amazon commands attention from any ecommerce seller looking to do a large volume of business. Aside for spending money on paid ads on the platform – which may or may not generate a return on investment based on the volume of business you are doing, the next best way to rank is by exploiting Amazon’s algorithm to rank your products higher for specific search terms. This is an involved process, and is similar to doing search engine optimization for Google. With that in mind, here are the best ways you can make sure that you rank your products well on Amazon.

Focus on Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization

Consumers will only be able to locate your products if they fall under relevant keywords. As such, you need to start by identifying all the relevant keywords that are related to the products you are selling. You may to consider using an Amazon-focused keyword research tool to help with this, as you can identify keyword volume and difficulty in specific markets such as the US and Europe.

Once you’ve figured out the keywords that you’d like your products to be ranking for, you need to update your Amazon listings to reflect these keywords. To do so, you’ll want to make sure that your keyword is present in different fields of your listing, such as the title, description, and bulleted highlights. Make sure not to keyword stuff though, as this lead to your listing being penalized and becoming manually deindexed by Amazon. You want to walk a fine line here, and your keyword should not take up a max of 5% of the overall text of your Amazon listing.

Use High Quality Images to Improve Click-through Rate (CTR)

use high quality images to improve click through rate
When optimizing your Amazon listing for specific keywords, you need to make sure that you use high quality and appealing images to promote your products. This will improve the CTR of your listings, and will thus help to improve your rankings. Listing with poor CTR’s tend to be deprioritized by Amazon, as the search image is the only one that potential customer’s see when customers are searching for keywords relevant to your products. If all customers on Amazon are breezing past your product due to the low quality image, then Amazon’ algorithm will recognize this. As such, making sure that you have an engaging main product image is essential to a good Amazon SEO strategy.

Final summary

Following the above advice will go a long way in helping your products for keywords that shoppers will likely be searching for that are related for your products. For example, if you are selling egg cookers and other home appliances, you will want to make sure you investigate keywords like best egg cookers with auto shutoff’ by using the Amazon autofill feature to see what people are searching for. When doing so, make sure you have a realistic assessment of how well you can rank for specific keywords, as all good SEO strategy, whether it’s on Amazon or Google, stems from selecting the right keywords and doing throughout research around them.

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