Can Content Optimisation Really Improve My Site’s SEO Performance?

improve seo performance with content optimisationOverlooking the importance of content optimisation in an SEO campaign can cost your business thousands, if not millions of dollars in lost revenue. The major impact of an SEO performance for years has been as a result of acquiring links from relevant and authoritative sites.

However, as Google’s algorithm has become smarter and continues to learn, it is shifting the influence to the semantic web and content relevancy. Chasing links still provides value, but the power of those links are limited by the optimised content that is on the site.

It’s important that you check your site’s current content optimisation efforts to spot opportunity gaps that can increase your website’s overall search visibility.

Analyse the content within your site’s title tags.

The title tags are usually one of the first things to be optimised. When the search engine spider visits the page, the title tag will tell the search engine what the web page is about. When this is presented on the organic search results, the title tag will be the first thing that the search engine user will see and it will either compel the person to click through or browse over the search engine listing.

The data is tracked in the Google Search Console, so it is important that the web page titles on your site are driving traffic from your organic search listing.

Improve the search relevancy within your site’s meta description tags.

seo search relevencyThe meta descriptions can also influence the organic search performance and click-through performance from the search results. Make good use of the target and semantic keywords for the web page so you can maximise the visibility of that web page’s content.

Use subheadings that will expand your web content’s reach.

The subheadings are often underutilised. Web designers can often markup the subheadings with images instead of keyword relevant content. Furthermore, it’s common for people to use 1-2 headings on a page. If they were to use more in sequential order, it would add more weight to the web page.

Commit to publishing valuable content.

You only get one shot to make a good first impression. And the only way you can make a good first impression online is through the content that you produce. Publishing mediocre content won’t cut it. It must demonstrate value by solving a problem, need or want for the user.

The content needs to be exhaustive and easy to digest. When people recognise the value, they will share the published content naturally.

Additionally, when you publish long-form content that is comprehensive, more keywords will appear on the page and it will expand the organic search visibility for the web page.

Make sure your target keyword appears in your URLs.

keyword tags optimize blog postThis is another quick win that you can seize. Have the main target keyword for your web page appear within the URL so it has a better chance to rank in the organic search results. Google adds weight to those web pages that include their keyword within the URL.

Optimise the keyword tags on blog posts

If your website allows keyword tags on specific pages or posts, use them to your advantage. It is a great way to improve the keyword relevancy and improve the organic search visibility of your site’s web pages.

Encourage user-generated content on certain web pages.

Things like comment discussions or discussion forums can naturally improve the content length and allow the site to rank for more keywords. This can only be achieved by publishing content that resonates with a niche audience.

By applying these tips, you should notice an increase in your site’s organic search performance over the next 60 days. Content is the king that will lead your website to more visibility and traffic. Don’t hesitate.

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Nathan Elly is the branch manager of the SEO agency Digital Next. He’s passionate about innovative link acquisition strategies. When he isn’t in the office, you can find him scoring goals on the futsal pitch.

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