Improving Your Local SEO

improving your local seoThese days, it is a given that any retailer or business that relies on foot traffic needs to have a strong presence on the Internet to survive. The problem is that not enough businesses realize that they can reach their local audience more effectively on the Internet when they utilize good local SEO tactics. If you are located in Arizona, then hiring the top SEO company in Scottsdale is a good investment in the future growth of your business. After all, if you are not able to establish a strong presence in your own backyard, then selling to the rest of the world will be difficult.

Use Local Language

Throughout New York State, soft drinks are referred to either as soda or pop. If you put together Internet content that tries to sell soda to an area that calls it pop, then your message will not be as effective. When it comes to local SEO tactics, it is important to know your audience and speak in a language your audience will understand. If a large percentage of your local audience speaks a foreign language, then you need to create content in that language as well.

Register With The Search Engines

Most of the major search engines have programs that allow local businesses to register and be seen at the top of specific types of search results. This is usually a free service, and it also helps you to create a search engine profile that can boost your web and foot traffic. Many profiles allow for user reviews, which can be used to separate your business from the competition.

Use Local References

Imagine how your marketing would work if you used images of the Boston Red Sox in an area that prefers the New York Yankees. The result would not only be bad for your business, it could cast a shadow over your business that would be hard to get rid of. There are certain parts of a local community and certain landmarks that become powerful marketing images. You need to do market research to determine which local references will be most effective for your business.

Advertise On Local Websites

Many companies use national directories and websites that try to have a local presence, but those sites often fall short of being authentic. Your local Internet audience knows a local website when they see one, and you need to start swapping links and ads with local websites if you want your web traffic to grow. Advertising with a local website adds a level of legitimacy to your business in the eyes of local consumers.

Use Local Keywords

While the use of keywords has started to change in the past few years, search engines still use keywords and phrases to identify content that is beneficial to a specific type of audience. When you put locally relevant keywords and phrases in your content and advertising, it is going to show up more often to local consumers who do searches online.

Local SEO tactics are extremely vital to any company that relies on business coming in from local consumers. Even if your business has no desire to expand to a regional or national audience, you can still use local SEO tactics to get the attention of your local consumer audience that is using the Internet right now.

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