The Key Factors that influence Website Rankings in Search Engines

website ranking factors search engines
Factors which influence website ranking keep changing with time. There is no specific set of rules to follow to get the highest-ranking of the website. To stay on the top, you need to adopt the recent and updated practices for search engine page ranking. AmbulanceSEO can help you get the highest page ranking on search engines by using their seo techniques.

Have you ever thought about why people work so hard to optimize their website? This is because they find benefit in it. A site with good optimization has good search engine optimization ranking. Which means the specific website stays on top in that respective niche. And when it stays on top, it gets more traffic and will bring more sales. So, just by optimizing your website, you can increase your sales and hence your business can grow globally. Following are some of the most important SEO factors which can surely boost the ranking of a website.

#1 – Security

In the changing world of the internet, security has become a major concern for all the search engines. By a secure website, you mean that you first need to have an SEO friendly link/URL. A URL which could easily be understandable and reachable by the web bots helps them comprehend what the content is about. So, it has the following characteristics:

  1. txt file to tell the Search Engine that which pages on your website to crawl and which not to. This file is usually missed by most of the websites.
  2. A website made by a well-coded website creator/ maker/ builder.
  3. In the last, you need to have a sitemap that will list all of the pages on your website. There are various online sitemap generators available that will help you to create a sitemap and enhance your SEO.

Above all, you also need to enable SSL layer on your website as it attracts most of the users despite being the least ranking factor in SEO.

#2 – Page Speed

page speed ranking factor search engines
Page speed has always been an important factor for SEO ranking. For better user experience, it is always better to have a fast loading website. Even Google has announced penal sanctions for those who are not following its algorithms, made especially for the websites of mobile devices. There are various testing tools to check mobile web pages. For instance, Mobile Testing Tool by Google. Also, various tips are available to make fast loading of web pages easy.

#3 – Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are more famous among the public as compared to desktop devices as most of the people own mobile devices. So there is a dire need to create such a website which is responsive and easily useable by the mobile users and if you are not hitting these users, obviously you are at risk of having low SEO ranking. Whenever people land on your website, they must feel comfortable while using it. For a mobile-friendly website, you need to focus on the following points:

  1. Responsiveness: So that your website can easily fit-in all the devices.
  2. Readability: So that large font can easily be seen on a small screen.
  3. Navigability: So that all the menus are easily accessible.
  4. Availability: So that main content is not hidden by ads.

#4 – SEO rich content

content ranking in search engines
Content is the most crucial Search Engine Optimization ranking factor that must be handled carefully. Most of the search algorithms of Search Engines are based on keywords. Keywords are such words (or phrases) that are used by the searchers to look for the material on the internet. Specifically, use these words in page titles. Hence, it is very important to use keywords in the content of your website.  Also, keep in mind that never use similar content again and again on your website. This will also result in low SEO ranking of your website. Always have quality content of a specific length.

#5 – User Experience

These days, Search Engines are using Artificial Intelligence for ranking web pages, like Google is using RankBrain. RankBrain further includes:

  1. Clickthrough Rate: The number of users who click your site link
  2. Dwell Time: The time the user stays on your website
  3. Bounce Rate: The number of users who cannot find relevant data on your website and they go back by from it after finding it useless.

You can grow your SEO ranking by the handling titles, content and descriptions on your web pages so that the number of users, who click your site link, may increase.

#6 – Technical SEO

content keyword title optimization
Let’s dig out some other key factors to increase SEO ranking factors. They can be as follows:

  1. Always use header tags so that the hierarchy in your content is established easily.
  2. Have keywords in your title as the title is the first thing which search engines see while identifying the relevant search.
  3. If you are using images in your content, try to write keywords in image alt tags.

#7 – Real information

In the end, make sure that the information you are providing to your audience is real and authentic. Say, for instance, you are running a business website. It is then pertinent for you to provide real facts and figures to your targeted audience. Similarly, use this technique for other websites as well. Also, always try to give relevant data to your audience.

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