Search Engine Optimization – Importance and Results Time Frame

search engine optimization – importance and results time frame
Search engine optimization or SEO are rules for optimizing a website for it to achieve high rankings in organic search results. Using SEOs is an excellent way to level-up website quality by making it user-friendly, easier and faster to navigate.

In the advent of technology, the world market has gone very competitive and SEOs are very important to be able to keep up in the competition. It serves millions of internet users on daily basis, looking for answers to the different questions or searches done online. Click here to learn more about it.

Importance of SEO

  • If you have a blog or online store or a website, SEOs can help make you a target for free traffic.
  • Majority of search engine users most often click on one or all of the top 5 search results. If your website appears in these positions, you are most likely visited more than those who are in the lower ranks. To be able to get to the top ranks, you need SEOs.
  • It is not only about search engines but also good practices help improve user experience and website usability.
  • Users, most often than not, trust these search engines and when your website belongs to the top results, because of the keywords used, the website also gain trust from users.
  • It is a good way of promoting your website. Users who will find your site in the top searches would most likely promote it on Twitter, Facebook and other sources of social media.
  • It also is significant in efficiency of a web site. It gets more traffic plus it is benefitted with having a common checklist to run before publishing contents.
  • Search engine optimization can put you ahead of the others in such a way that if your web site is selling the same product as the other who does not use an SEO, you will most likely be able to have more audience and prospective customers than the other.

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When Are Results Expected?

There actually is no accuracy to the answer as to how long it takes for an SEO to show the expected organic improvements, but experts agree that it typically takes 4 to 6 months. Results depends on the length of time your website has been up, how long has it been with SEO, how much content is in it, and many other factors that need to be considered against the kind rules set for it.

Here is a plausible scenario of what results would look like in your first few months.

  • First month

    The first month is for research, auditing your website, planning your keyword strategies, etc. If research can be finished quickly, technical changes can also be done to the website during the first month. However, most of the time, the research phase would use up all of Month 1.

  • Second month

    This is when technical modifications based on the audit will be started on the website. In some cases, overhauling of the website is necessary, and if this happens it will take more months to finish. Other activities can be done while overhauling is being done. If an overhaul is necessary, SEO is being done but no results can be seen yet since changes being made to the website will start to have an impact, only when they are completed.

  • Third month

    On the third month content creation will be focused in – FAQs, whitepapers, blogging, articles, company information, and expanded products, etc. will be created at this time. In this case, some improvements on the rankings can be seen at the end of this month. Sales cannot be expected yet, not unless incoming traffic will translate into leads and eventually sales. But most likely, sales cannot be expected yet on the third month.

  • Fourth month

    Content creation is continued, website optimization and a good link profile is established. A marked increase in traffic, rankings, and lead generation can now be visible during this month. Although it will not be as strong as when you are already on your twelfth month, but it should be enough to let you know that it is working for you.

  • Fifth month

    Social media management starts this month. This can lead to more healthy links and can generate leads by itself. Content creation also continues and engagement to PR also begins. More traffic can be seen coming from SEO and lead generation is stronger.

  • Sixth Month

    When your traffic reaches 5,000 visitors or more on a monthly basis, you can now optimize conversion rate to improve how traffic converts to leads and sales. From this month, you can now focus on content creation and promotions and can do more creative things to enhance your website. Although your website activities will also depend on the type of company you are and what the kind of your website is.

Final summary

seo ranking results
Regardless of SEO type you establish on your website, you need to give it enough time to work for you. Many firms will give you a time table of four to six months, while this is fairly accurate, you must understand though that it is only on the sixth month where you will really see solid results. Do not give up just yet, because it gets better in the succeeding months and results you will have in six months is considerably less when you will be on the twelfth.

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