The Future of Web Surfing: SEO Trends From Expert Insiders

the-future-of-web-surfing-seo-trends-from-expert-insidersKeeping track in a constantly changing world of SEO is difficult. One moment you might be a master at one SEO strategy, the next moment that same technique will be obsolete. Experts and SEO practitioners are all predicting and practicing the new forms to best take advantage of new SEO methods.

New Mediums of Search

Terms such as technical SEO have been being thrown around lately. As the rise of AI has conjoined with search it’s important to know what content has been generated by machines.  New forms of search are being put out there. YouTube is the second largest search engine, and that means video is one of the main avenues of search now.

Savvy insiders are looking at these trends and noticing the different areas search is coming from now. It’s no longer a simple text search, but much more as well. Video was first mentioned; another avenue is voice to text search. There are multiple digital assistants such as Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.  People tend to speak differently into a search rather than type it.

For example if they were to type “local bars Chicago,” they might instead search with their voice by saying, “Where’s the closest Chicago bars?” Businesses and other associated website owners need to take this change in semantics into account. Google has picked up on direct questions as well. If you were to ask a straightforward question it might respond with a dictionary link, or even a how-to guide on something.

Experts’ Take

A few experts had a lot to say. One of the most important takeaways from all of them was content creation. They said this is an ever-lasting part of the trends that will never go away. Having stellar content is the number one way to go. Hiring quality writers and publishing regular blog posts, guides and videos are important.

Videos need to post on YouTube that generates the second largest amount of search – this point was made multiple times. Initial search on video is huge and some people would rather watch video than read.

Optimization is a word most are familiar with. The question is how to optimize. Keywords are still an important deal in SEO, but it’s about optimizing for user intent so they are not disappointed when they get to your website. User experience and usability of your content is key. Links are important for building up a network. Google checks out the linkage back and forth and won’t penalize a website for it.

Gaining an Edge

On top of running a business or taking care of a website, SEO can be another added duty that takes up a lot of time. But it is an important part of a website. That’s why certain companies make it their business to assist. Chicago SEO experts keep their sights on an overall goal. It’s not about just gaining traffic, but relevant traffic that is going to turn into something.

Their real time reporting shows keyword position, in addition to that with real time analytics to show all kinds of statistics. By gaining the data they also interpret it for the website as well. On top of hiring a specialist, something to take note of is page load times. These are becoming more important as mobile search continues to increase, page loading time will factor into a website.

Ahead of the Curve

In order to stay ahead of the game and on top of trends it’s good to know if people are Googling things related to your order of business. The best way to do this is through publishing content that makes you a top authority on a website. Google is taking that and applying the top people to the first pages of a search.

Interrelated app SEO is also becoming important. Between Google’s app streaming and exclusive content, these need to be factored into a multi-faceted SEO approach. This streaming content functionality helps users view content without having to download an app. This is another way to reach a larger audience.

Riding the Trends

Overall, to put the SEO trend in perspective is to look at first off creating amazing content that can reach a wide but targeted audience. Also looking out for new trends in the video sphere and applications is important to stay competitive. As new technologies come out, they shouldn’t be missed or you risk falling behind. Instead ride each ever changing trend to keep your SEO on top.


Lilly Wilson works as a SEO consultant and is a geeky tech girl at heart. At home Lilly enjoys DIY and pottering in her garden. Her articles appear on digital marketing, SEO and general business websites.

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