The Most Important Aspects of Good SEO

the-most-important-aspects-of-good-seoWhen it comes to making a profit from your website, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is hugely important. Whether you run a blog which you monetise through advertising, an affiliate marketing site or even an e-commerce store, being first or at least close to the top in Google’s Search Engine results is hugely important when it comes to attracting new customers searching for websites such as yours. And whilst you may already have put a lot of emphasis on getting the keywords right and understanding what people search for when looking for your business, there is a lot more to it than that. Read on to discover some of the most overlooked yet crucial components of SEO.

Mobile Friendliness

Since last year, Google has been cracking down on websites which are not mobile friendly and taking away their favour when it comes to where they appear in the Google SERPs. SEO Company, Edmonton SEO, fully understands the importance of having a mobile-friendly site and how this not only affects your reputation with Google, but also with your users. In recent times, Google has been putting less emphasis on keywords and phrases and allocating more favour to those sites which are user-friendly. With more and more internet users choosing to ditch traditional laptops and PCs in favour of using tablets and smartphone devices instead, SEO professionals recommend opting for a responsive web design which looks and performs well when viewed on any device.


When it comes to SEO, content is hugely important. In fact, if you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘Content is King’, you can be assured that it is most definitely true. The more content, the better. But, this isn’t always the case. If you’re updating your site with boring, unengaging content that your users will never be bothered to read, you may actually be doing your site more harm than good. The same goes for content to build backlinks – for example guest posting or forum posting on completely unrelated blogs and sites could earn your site a bad reputation rather than a good one. Content which is good for SEO is not content that is written with SEO and keywords in mind. Instead, target your users – think about what they want to hear and the questions that they need answers to. Interesting, engaging content which your site visitors will take the time to read and comment on is much more of a useful asset.

Web Design

The design that you choose for your website can have more of an effect on your SEO and Google search results than you think. Since Google have begun putting more emphasis on being user friendly, one of the main factors which they have been looking at is site loading time. Does your site load up quickly, or is it taking forever to finally be able to browse it? With more and more users expecting sites to load up instantly, making sure that your web design isn’t holding you back is important.

Keywords are important, but good SEO involves a lot more!

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