Difficult to Succeed Online without Professional SEO Help

difficult-to-succeed-online-without-professional-seo-helpTo succeed in your quest to run a business online, you do it by strategy as opposed to chance. These are not the days when you only needed to have a decent website and it would automatically generate sales for you. Search engine rules change, and so is the need to fine-tune your site in regards to those changes. Until you invest in SEO, chances are that millions of content on the web will swallow your site and its content, and no one will ever see it.

I Know SEO – What Is This?

I know SEO is a leading online marketing service that has specialized in helping webmasters make their sites profitable where business is concerned. With over 8 years of experience optimizing various websites, there is a high chance that your site will succeed in the hands of this team.

SEO Strategies

Optimizing a site in relation to what search engines want to see is a daunting task. It’s something you can’t do on your own if you’re not an expert in the field. What’s more, it’s time consuming, now that it involves various skills and techniques that range from link-building, to on-page optimization and conversion testing.

Google has relatively tougher rules than Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. After all, they have a larger market share compared to the rest. So what will get you ranked in Yahoo or Bing will get you penalized on Google. And even if you’ve survived the recent penguin and panda updates, it’s still important that you optimize around the parameters set by the ever-changing algorithm of search engines.

Developing & Designing sites that are SEO-optimized and Fully Responsive

A modern business websites needs to be fully responsive and attractive to the eye. Content should be easy to edit and manage, whether it’s in form of video, audio, text, PDF and so forth. The site in question should also be easy to navigate, or else visitors will leave quickly. Clearly this increases your bounce rate, thus you risk search engines putting you in their radar.

What about E-commerce Sites?

The average e-commerce site won’t perform well if the developer didn’t build it around a strategy. There’s need to optimize it with SEO requirements. There’s also need to setup and manage the site itself, and also the payment gateway in an efficient manner. There are lots of parameters and metrics that come into play, all of which will determine how soon you make your first sale.

Local SEO, Web Marketing and the Rest

It’s important that you optimize your site in such a way that local visitors can utilize your services. For example, a business that is not multinational and is based in Canada will only serve people in that area. Anyone who finds it online, say from New York City or Australia won’t benefit, even though they would love to use the products or services.

And of course web marketing is also a different ball game altogether. We’re talking of how to optimize sites with social media, PPC advertising, email marketing and so forth.

All this can be a pain in the head, especially if you decide that you’re going to handle it alone. Sometimes it pays to hire someone to do it on your behalf. Not only do you save time, but you also cut costs in the long run.

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