How to Optimize Your Website According to Newly Updated Google Panda?

how-to-optimize-your-website-according-to-newly-updated-google-pandaThe common aspiration of all webmasters in the world is to rank on the top of the search engines, like Google. Thus, they have done all to this end that may make the site not reader friendly. Since the new release of Google Panda, people can no longer do it like before to boost website traffic.

Maybe now, some readers take a tumble why their sites get a terrible loss of traffic since September 2014, the day that Google Panda 4.1 is released. In this post, we would like to work out some ideas on how to make your site adapt to the newly updated Google Panda effectively thereby keeping high ranking.

Google Panda Blacklist

The duplicated posts, excessive advertising, poor grammar, slow page loading speed, copy issues and some other causes to thin web content are listed in the blacklist by Google Panda. That is to say, the sites that are caught in the mentioned problems cannot be ranked on the front search results page or even dropped in ranking sharply. Due to this, some effective methods can be carried out as following.

Make Each Post Valuable & Unique

From now on, you need to pay more attention to the quality of web content rather than the quantity of posts. Each post on your site should be readable and include essential information that readers want to know. To do this, you’d better collect extensive information related to the topic before writing, and make the wording as natural as possible.

Besides, too much duplicated content can also kill your website. If there are two similar posts on your website, you have to delete the one that cannot drive traffic or redirect it to another more popular one. In the coming writing, you have to check whether the topic has been existed in an article. If so, it cannot be a part of your plan.

Speed Up Your Website Right Now

Because slow page loading speed brings visitors bad user experience, Google Panda includes the site featuring bad performance in its blacklist. When visitors need to take scores of seconds to load a page, they will never go back to you. The leading cause to this situation may be the overloaded server that your website is hosting on. If so, you must take actions to change the situation by returning to a fast hosting provider, such as the ones recommended at this ranking page.

Clean Up Excess Advertising

Since advertising has become an accepted method to earn money, many webmasters tend to put a bunch of ads on the web pages regardless of the terrible page layout. However, such websites have been targeted by Google Panda, for which bring people bad user experience. If that’s how your website is, we suggest you to clean up excess advertising and place the left ones properly because no one has the patience to dig out needed information from dozens of ads.

Leave No Room for Copy Issues & Grammar Errors

All readers prefer to original words, so does Google. Make full use of some copy issue checkers, like CopyScape, to do an inspection for all posts on the website. Once checking out the copy results, you need to kill them as soon as possible. Make sure that there is no plagiarism included so as to make all web content Google Panda friendly. Besides, poor grammar is also a killer for website ranking, for which leaves readers a bad impression and shows a bad example as well.

Stop indexing Unwanted Pages

If there are too much unwanted content shown on search results, your website is probably hit by Google Panda. In most cases, these bad pages refer to category pages, tags, image attachment pages, and so on. Thus, you need to block them from appearing on the search results page.

For this purpose, you can stop indexing the unwanted pages with a help of plugin. Among multiple options available on, the WordPress Meta Robots can make a big difference.

Besides, robots.txt is also a good method to deal with this situation. It is a simple file that looks like “<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” />”, bearing the power to prevent the specified pages from crawling by web crawlers.


The tips mentioned above are the essential skills that you need to master for better adapting to the newly updated Google Panda. Surely, you can refer to more SEO tips if you are seeking for more knowledge about website optimization.

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