SEO Trends To Follow for Inhouse Teams in 2019

seo trends to follow for inhouse teams in 2019
Digital marketing is taking over the industry, and it’s easy to see why. Successful SEO campaigns have left businesses wondering “Where can I find a dedicated SEO company near me?” However, as these businesses look for help with their search engine rankings and other areas of their digital presence, more and more dedicated SEO services seem to be popping up. However, with increased competition comes an increased need to raise quality and stand out from the crowd. This brings a need for SEO teams to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies in order to best serve their current customers and attract new ones. With that said, here are a few SEO trends that teams should follow in 2019.

Voice Activated Devices

seo voice search trendIf there’s one of definitive trend that will define SEO in 2019, then it will be voice searches on voice activated devices. Programs like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are rapidly taking over how consumers search for information on the internet. As these devices and various software become more popular and prominent, the more valuable voice triggered searches are going to be in the world of SEO. SEO companies could quickly rise to the top by figuring out the best way to tap into these voice searches and utilize them to their advantage. As in most business trends, the ability to improvise and adapt is critical to success, and this trend has the potential to reshape the entire SEO landscape.

Mobile Devices

seo mobile everythingsMobile devices have been gaining popularity for a few years now, and all signs seem to point to this trend continuing in 2019. In fact, the market share of mobile devices now outweighs desktop computers and laptops, something that seems to only increase throughout the year. Mobile devices are cheaper and much more portable than their desktop and laptop counterparts, making them a much more attractive option for consumers. In addition, mobile devices are becoming more powerful and packaged with new features. Many tasks that used to require a desktop or laptop can now be completed on a new smartphone or tablet. New advancements and innovations for the mobile device market are set to be revealed throughout the year. This makes focusing on the mobile market and optimizing your digital presence for mobile users more important than ever.

Content Creation

Digital marketing has become so much more than just social media clicks and search engine algorithms. People expect to be wowed and entertained, not just sold a product. That is why content creation has risen in popularity so quickly. Things like images and videos are great at capturing the attention of users and keeping it there. As more and more content gets created a sort of arms race begins between businesses battling to see who can create the most unique and creative pieces of content.

seo video content creation
The company that wins will typically take the lion’s share of the industry’s market and attract the most customers. Times are changing, and a simple tweet or Facebook update so longer suffices as a sufficient online presence. In order for a business to truly stake their claim in the digital world, content creation most be focused on, which makes it invaluable in the world of SEO.

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