SEO Insight – Why Frequent Posting on Website and Blogs are Still Important?

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Over the past few years we keep hearing more and more about Local Searches and in fact, we, ourselves do often look for local businesses or service providers. That’s how we can see that the results which pop up will feature the top 3 providers in the area with the first two also having their directions included in the search results, along with their star rating, basic contact info and opening times and even a small photograph. Indeed Local search related optimization works differently from the general approach.

This type of segment is rather for those who have setup a plan to share posts on their business website, company blog or individual blog. This time around I’d like to discuss the advantages of a pre-planned publishing plan from a Search Engine Optimization point of view. Top SEO companies can really help you learn how to set up the correct publishing strategy for you.

We know consistency has tons of positives and so does consistent planning. And this also works the same way when it comes to campaigns, the releasing of new blogs or any articles. If you are watching vlogs of popular vloggers, you can hear and see them always doing a remark on when they are releasing videos every week. This is no accident. This has a very serious planning behind it, If people know when you are to release new posts, just anything business related to generate attention, it’s even better when they know when they can expect it.

How often should you post?

There are not any specified rules to that, but weekly once sounds good, in order to keep attention alive. You can have discount Tuesdays, happy hour Fridays or travel Wednesdays, it’s all up to you. The most important things are:

  • To create content on a planned basis
  • To get users to look forward to your posts.
  • To always publish when you say you would – except for some exceptional issues, which you ought to let your readers know about.

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Longterm consistent posting would create a way bigger attention especially if you post specifically on days and in an hour when you see that your posts are appreciated outstandingly well. This is something you can easily see via Google Analytics.

The most important to this plan is, for you to make sure, you can keep yourself to it on a longer haul.

What sort of posts should be pre-scheduled this way?

  • Informative articles – anything with the main focus on informing people on a service or product. These can also relate to news-like releases.
  • Weekly blogs – DIY or any other interesting, informative article
  • Discounts  – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, you can set them up in great colorful manner
  • Super sales  – if applicable: tons of compaines release sales related articles in pre-defined times and they let their users know about it well before.
  • Tips, advice, FAQ – you can set a weekly advice blog – there is simply no easier way for generatinc comment based traffic on your site.

Diversity is essential:

When it comes to the upper mentioned types of posts, the best approach is to combine them all and have one post in every genre at least once a month ( depending on the number of genres on your website or blog).

SEO Companies For Best Services can help you not only with the optimization of your present content but they can also Submit Guest Post and other releases for you, if needed on a constant basis, check out a great SEO company in your area who can help you with this.

Let me show you how it’s built up and what elements are required for it and how big companies make it work.

What you need to have for a best result?

From Local Optimization point of view the below things are the most important for a local business to have, when it comes to ranking:
seach engine optimize success

  • A properly optimized website with quality content, as all we know the content is king.
  • My Business profile with accurate contact information
  • A good deal of positive reviews, also included on Google, as today there are many people that are checking reviews before they make any type of shopping.
  • Being featured in local listings and citations is also essential

These are the keys for a small business to get the perfect star rating, which will eventually result in a great ranking too. This way your trade will receive the exact traffic it needs and that’s what counts the most. When looking forward to increase the traffic towards your website, you shouldn’t forget to write good quality contents. If you will submit good written and quality contents then you can easily improve the ranking of your website.

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