Top 3 Mobile Museum Apps

top 3 mobile museum apps

People visit museums and galleries for different reasons. Some are just there to view world-famous artworks whilst others are very much into art and history and will want to cover the whole location.

No matter what your purpose, a Mobile Museum App is sure to add value to your museum or gallery outing, saving time and money and easily obtaining the services of experts to guide you about each of the objects.

If you love paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and decorative arts and are keen to learn and discover the fascinating stories behind the masterpieces you see before you then a Mobile Museum App Development is for you.

Below we feature three of the top Mobile Museum Apps:

  1. National Gallery of Art DC

The National Gallery of Art DC Mobile Museum App is your essential companion to this landmark gallery that displays the only Leonardo da Vinci painting in the American region. The App offers visitors over 130 audio stops and over 1,000 descriptions of individual objects, with content provided by National Gallery of Art curators.

Using the App, visitors can pinpoint their exact location within the museum, quickly locate particular artworks and listen to in-depth details that explain the overall history of that particular item so visitors always get the best picture.

This App also allows users to make the most of their visit with directions and details about restaurants and stores as well as the location of amenities such as restrooms or elevators.

  1. Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum Mobile Museum App is different from other Apps as it presents the museum across a series of themed tours. The App has toured for every purpose, from those wanting to see the main collections or for those wanting to view works of a particular theme; the App will guide and inform the museum visitors from start to finish including to cafes and shops as well.

Just scroll through the tour categories and click on the type of artworks or style that you want to see and the App then gives you the most ideal route and guides you. If you are confused about which tour to select then the Tour Selection Assistant will suggest tours for you as well.

This App contains interactive floor plans and directions and users can even custom-make their own tours as well. The App provides detailed descriptions and information for every individual item along the tour provided by art experts and historians.

To make the visitor experience that much more valuable, the App Developer also provides users access to additional commentary by experts, 3D audio clips, and animations as well that all help the visitor to really understand and be informed about the museum’s collections.

App users can also pre-purchase tickets in advance using the App and simply scan at the entry.  If you want to use the app in the museum, be sure to bring your headphones as well, or can be purchased if required.

The Rijksstudio feature furthermore allows users to scroll and swipe through the Rijksmuseum’s online collection and App users can save images of artworks they love and gradually build a collection of favorite pieces in one place.

  1. British Museum Guide

The British Museum Guide Mobile Museum App provides information on a vast and wide array of items that form the permanent collection of this prestigious museum.

Visitors can enhance their visit with high-resolution images, insightful audio commentaries, and an easy-to-use interactive navigation system so you know where you are exactly within the museum.

The British Museum extensively covers the ancient kingdoms of Greece, Egypt, Assyria, India, China, Europe, Persia, and also Viking periods as well.

Users of this App can enjoy plentiful and resourceful descriptions and explanations for pretty much all the individual objects within the museum. Historians and the museum’s own experts have contributed to the information provided adding a sense of accuracy as well.


Today’s tourist or visitor has to make the maximum of their time and using an Android App Development, visitors can plan ahead, book ahead and stay ahead right across their visit. Mobile Museum Apps overcome one of the most challenging parts of any museum/gallery visit which is ‘where am I?’ Download a Mobile Museum App and get yourself ahead!

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