How iPhone Can Increase Your Productivity at Work and Business

how-iphone-can-increase-your-productivity-at-work-and-businessThe iPhone is a wonderful device to own. Though some may like theirs more than others. I am a bit more indifferent.  I see the value, but I do not put my foot forward far enough to truly know how it works, What apps are available to make my life a bit more productive and then it hit me. The best way to discover the true power of an iPhone is to consider it a tool for work. Because I live and breathe my work, this was not too problematic to achieve. So, here are a few tips and dissertations as to why (and how) an iPhone is more of a powerhouse than you might think, especially for work!

Apple Does it!

When you go to the Apple Store, or even AT&T, you will see every employee (sometimes twenty or thirty of them) walking around with iPads and guess what they do when you ask them a question about a topic they do not quite know? They click “Safari” (or download the Google App), search the main keywords that they have collected from your question, and in less than 30 seconds you will have your answer (and solution) from them. Though you may speculate that this is because they are simply trying to place in their product out in front of you, does it matter? Use that search feature – on Safari, or an app you download, like Google’s App. If you can walk around your office or work location with an iPad or an iPhone and come across an error or a situation no one else can solve, ask Siri iPhones, are on endless source of knowledge.

Unlimited Apps

As of June of 2016, over 130 billion apps have been downloaded. With a total of around 800,000 mobile games available, and another 1.2 million apps related to finance, the stock market, taking notes, and more are on the App Store, as well.  With this amount of professional freedom, there is an unlimited number of things you can do with the right apps downloaded to your iPhone.  You can manage your personal finances or those of your company’s with an app like “Pocket Expense”; you can calculate numbers quickly with the standard “Calculator” app; you can set your schedule in apps like “Schedule Plus”.  The value is endless. See 10 interesting iphone features.

Pocket Power Bank?

What Yes, I know, nor many people have heard this term before, but if you have yet to, you will most likely be on your way to Best Buy to purchase one.  It allows you to store energy in the form of electrical impulses into what has been called a “bank” you “deposit” into.  This allows you to have a reserve of power without needing to exchange batteries.

The Pocket Power Bank is a useful tool in both personal and professional life.  Sometimes in the world of business there are endless emails to check and respond to, apps to update, things to search Safari or Google for, deadlines to meet (and also ones to know about beforehand, i.e. a portable scheduler does the trick), and Heaven knows what else.  With a Pocket Power Bank, you can make sure that your battery stays as full as possible until you have access to another wall socket! These are some best portable power bank you can use for your gadgets.

Anything Else?

Here are some strong reasons why an iPhone is a good thing for those in the working world.

With email available at your fingertips, you no longer need a computer to check and respond to your emails. Thanks to the iPhone’s built-in email app, or a third party app you download, you can check and reply to emails on time.  This adds literally hundreds of hours of time and money saved by companies that rely heavily on emails for scheduling and human resources.

With the Calendar app (or a similar app you download on the side) you can keep track or deadlines, and

You will always know when something is coming up. If in doubt, just open the app and see what is on your to do list tomorrow (a to-do list is another feature in itself).

As mentioned to-do lists are important. The Note app on your iPhone (or, as always, a third party app you downloaded on your own) is great for keeping your personal and work life organized. Heck, download “Pocket Recorder” and use it vocally store information that can be listened to later on the iPhone actually comes with a Voice Recorder app, but its quality is not the same.

Download an app called “Call Recorder”. Though it costs a bit per call, ever hear “This call may be recorded for quality assurance?” when you call a major company? Well you can now do it on your iPhone too. The app allows you to record phone calls for better recollection (just in case you missed something while taking notes down, or were away from your desk). Check local laws. You might have to actually tell people you are recording the call.  I have not looked into it but intend on it!

In conclusion, the iPhone is a great tool for work. It can keep you up-to-date on your important emails, allow for note-taking in both written and verbal form, and facilitates the capacity to search Google for just about anything you will ever need to know, or ask Siri if you do not feel like typing.

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