Best Way to Choose the Most Suitable Watch for Each Person

how to choose watches for each person
Once you have a budget, you need to decide if you want to go used or new. I would recommend used, since watches tend to last a long time and most people take good care of them , especially once they get into high-end models. Also, if you are buying a used and established name (think of Rolex, maybe Omega), you will also appreciate the Nixon Watches –, a very successful option.

Personally I believe that the Omega Speedmaster Reduced is the best watch that can be obtained in this price range. It is based on the iconic Omega Speedmaster (the first watch that is worn on the moon) but is a bit smaller and has an automatic movement. This watch works well with a dress shirt or swimsuit (but do not take it to the water). These can be found below $ 1,000 if you’re lucky, but you expect to spend around $ 1,100.

From a thousand dollars

If that’s not your style, check out Sevenfriday. They are, literally, at the opposite end of the spectrum. They are very appreciated by most watchmakers, but these things are difficult to sell. Trust me on that.

I would recommend not buying one of these if you cannot find one for less than $ 900. This is much more a piece of the statement, and will gain much more attention than Omega’s will.

Rolex: a safe bet

You can find some very old Rolex Oysterdates or Tudor Princes in this price range, but I do not have much experience with those and would tend to recommend against buying one as your first watch. If you like the look or if you really want the name Rolex on your wrist, they are solid (but fragile) watches. Expect to spend between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500.

rolex oysterdates or tudor princes
This is by far the most difficult price range. Once you get up to $ 2,000 or $ 3,000, there is a lot of junk that you have to consider. Avoid brands like Tag Heuer. Basically, if it is a brand that you will find in most of the shopping centers, visit it.

For just under $ 3,000 you can get an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean with its excellent internal movement certified by coaxial timer. This is an absolutely incredible piece and I would recommend it with all my heart. The movement is easy to maintain and well reviewed. The case is iconic and water resistant up to 2000 feet. So yes, you can swim in one of these all you want.

Specifically, Date just and Air-Kings, the two Rolex base models. Both pieces are much more elegant than the Omega, but they are also iconic models of the world’s most famous watchmaker. The Rolex will be appreciated while the Omega will stand firm. All these watches should cost about $ 2,500.

omega seamaster planet ocean chronograph
Between $ 3,500 and $ 5,000 there are two watches that I would recommend: the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph and the Rolex Submariner. The Planet Ocean Chrono is an exceptional watch and, as far as I know, it is the only chronograph that is water resistant up to 2000 feet. I have one and I love it. You can find one with a solid caseback on a strap for around $ 3,500, but for closer to $ 5,000 you should be able to get one on a bracelet with a sapphire displayback.

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