Must-Have Gadgets for Teachers

We have discussed gadgets for many types of users in the past. While gadgets are mostly created to be universally useful, some gadgets are more useful to specific users than others. We even have articles on essential gadgets for web and graphic designers.

In this article, however, we are going to focus more on gadgets that can be (and are) incredibly useful for teachers. Delivering the best learning experience to students is a crucial task to do right for teachers, and these gadgets we are about to review are incredibly useful.

iPad Air 3

ipad air 3 apple gadget for education
Apple’s latest iPad Air 3 is a surprise for a number of reasons. People thought the iPad Air name was discontinued after the iPad Air 2, so the release of Air 3 is surprising on its own. More importantly, Apple packed a lot of power and features into the iPad Air 3, making it perfect for a wide range of users.

For teachers, however, the iPad Air 3 is particularly valuable. It supports Apple Pencil, so it can be used for notetaking and drawing. When students submit assignments digitally, teachers can use the iPad Air 3 to read and grade them easily.

iPad Air 3 is also compatible with apps designed for teaching. You can add knowledge and learning apps, interactive apps, and even games to keep in-class teaching interesting and fun. Even better, the iPad Air 3 doesn’t cost a fortune, placing it perfectly between the budget iPad and the more expensive iPad Pro. If you are looking at the higher-end models, you can check out this article about Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Vs iPad Pro 12.9-inch to make your choice easier.

Apple TV

apple tv gadget for education
While we are at it, using Apple TV in class can be amazingly useful. You can cast your iPad’s or MacBook’s screen. Apple TV also has great apps and services built into it, so you can stream content from various sources and even turn the Apple TV into an interactive hub.

The latest generation of Apple TV supports a higher resolution and works more fluidly within the Apple ecosystem. You can even show content from your iPhone if you need to.

Mimio Vote

mimiovote gadget for education
Mimio Vote is a unique device designed to add interactivity to classrooms. As the name suggests, the Mimio Vote can be used to help teachers measure the performance and capacity of their students in real-time. Using the Mimio Vote, teachers can get instant responses and automatically score them.

Mimio Vote is mostly used to run quizzes and exams, but the possibilities are endless with this device. Teachers can program their own tests and measurements, so it is easy to customize the whole Mimio experience to better suit your classroom.

ScanSnap Scanner

scansnap scanner gadget for education
We particularly love the compact size of the ScanSnap scanner. There are a lot of portable scanners on the market, but nothing is as robust as the ScanSnap. It is designed from the ground up for teachers and classroom use cases.

It can, for instance, scan submitted papers and automatically add them to your Dropbox or Evernote account. This means you can quickly scan students’ assignments and reports and read them on the go using your iPad or eBook readers.

Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paperwhite gadget for education
Speaking of eBook readers, the Kindle Paperwhite is another must-have gadget for teachers. It is a compact eBook reader that packs a lot of punch. Paired with an Amazon Prime account, you can access thousands of books to read at any time.

Kindle Paperwhite is also affordable. A lot of teachers who are pursuing their Online Master’s in Learning and Teaching often use Kindle as a budget alternative to buying textbooks. Since the master’s degree is also available online – from top names like Redlands University Online nonetheless – you can go entirely paperless with the Kindle.

Check this site to learn more about an online master in learning and teaching courses. You will find that even the syllabus is provided in digital format. You can upload all course materials to your Kindle and always have them with you.

Microscope Camera

The last gadget on our list is mostly for science teachers. The AMScope MD35 microscope camera is a camera designed to be used with microscopes. It is universal and works with any microscope, as long as it comes with a 23mm or 30mm photo port.

microscope camera gadget for education
The microscope camera also comes with advanced features, including measurement and stitching. More importantly, you can stream the video from this camera to a projector or a screen for live classes.

Invest in any of these gadgets and earn the rewards of owning them. These are some of the most valuable gadgets for teachers that you can buy right now. They certainly elevate your teaching experience to a whole new level.

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