Reviews of Some Best RC Helicopter

reviews-of-some-best-rc-helicopterRC helicopters or radio-controlled or remote controlled helicopters are every child’s dream as you may already know. It is a great way to teach your child about aircrafts and allow him a hobby that is both a learning experience as well as a good pastime. Even adults will find flying RC helicopters as much as fun that any child would. You get to buy many types of RC helicopters and you can choose the best one among them by knowing about its battery life, and other properties.

Best RC helicopters available today

Lutema 3.5CH Big RC Helicopter: One unique aspect that keeps it apart is the LED switch which you can use even when the helicopter is flying. Lutema is one of the brands that are becoming fast popular. The Lutema 3.5 C Big is pretty stable and even has the ability for a smooth flight. Another advantage of buying a RC helicopter from Lutema is that buyers will be able to buy spare parts directly from their website, when need be. The best part about it is that flying it is quite easy. The negative points that can be pointed out is that its tail blade isn’t too long and the landing gear doesn’t look as if it is a quality product. It might not last too long.


WL Toys V262 Cyclone: This is one of the best RC helicopters out there for it meets the main requirements for RC helicopters. The WL Toys V262 Cyclone can fly for more than 8 minutes and it can also face wind changes quite efficiently. Another advantage is that you can even adjust the speed of the flight as per your requirement. Of course, the size of the helicopter is quite big, so it gives you a chance to fly a big helicopter. There are cons as well. One is the weight and because of the size, it weights quite a bit. That would not have been a problem had it could fly well. Because of its weight, it cannot fly fast. Another factor is that its battery takes more than an hour to charge but loses its charge within just 10 minutes or so.


Hero RC H911 Helicopter: It comes with a tilting rotor that enables the user to control it well. The user can also thus maneuver the vehicle perfectly. It also has a second mode which is meant to accelerate its flying speed. Though you can manage good leaps with it, you may not be able to do flips with it. So, that’s a disadvantage. There are advantages though that since the helicopter is light, even if it crashes, it is able to bounce back and also the rotor blade can even detach itself when need arises. That means, you can attach it again after a crash and continue flying.

Safstar QS8006-2 Control Led Helicopter:  It is very easy to fly and comes with some amazing parts such as handy gyroscope, two joysticks, and a special button to prevent the wing at the backside to swing in wind. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 10 minutes.

Check out the RC helicopter reviews to choose the one that suits your requisites.

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