Tips to Increase Your Business Broadband Speeds


These days most businesses rely heavily on their broadband connection. They use it to help them to deliver the best service and products to their customers, and do so for the lowest price.

Generally speaking, the faster your business broadband connection is the easier it is to do this. That is because being able to work quickly improves efficiency. The faster you work the easier it will be for you to keep your costs down, which means that you can offer your customers a better deal than your competitors can. If you get your business phoneline from Woav this is easy, because they will only connect you if they can be sure of providing you with a fast and reliable service.

Unfortunately, not every broadband provider operates in this way, which means that thousands of businesses are struggling with slow broadband connections. If you are one of those companies, try the following tips to help you to speed up your connection.

Establish how fast your current connection is

The first step to improving your broadband speed is to establish how fast your current connection is. You can do this by clicking here and using this simple speed checker.

Knowing how fast your current connection is will enable you to find providers in your area that claim to provide better speeds. It will also allow you to check the speed again once you have switched and make sure that you are getting a better service from your new provider.

Speak to your current broadband provider

Sometimes your current broadband company will be able to improve your speed. They may do so by offering you a different type of connection. For example, ADSL2+ is faster, and more stable than basic ADSL.

It is far easier to stick with your current provider than it is to switch to a new provider. If your current company has provided you with good support and good up time, this option is well worth considering. But, if you have experienced poor service in the past, it is probably far better to try another provider.

Swap to fibre

If you are not already taking advantage of a fibre optic connection, we strongly suggest that you do so. This type of service costs more, but they are faster and more likely to deliver the advertised speeds.

Check your hardware and connections

You should periodically check the physical components in your network. It is well worth checking that the master socket and faceplate have not been damaged in some way. You will be surprised at how often a poor connection turns out to be due to the fact that someone has nearly knocked the socket off the wall while moving a desk or cleaning.

If you see something wrong, call your broadband provider. They will provide you with the guidance you need to get the issue sorted.

Fit a filtered faceplate

In some countries, it is possible to have a filtered faceplate fitted to the socket where your broadband connection comes into the office, or business premises. They do not cost much and are very easy to install. This special type of faceplate filters out interference that can weaken your broadband signal.

Make sure your router is connected to the master socket

You will get a far stronger signal if your router is plugged into the master socket.

Use repeaters

If there are areas in your offices where the Wi-Fi signal is weak, consider using repeaters to fill in those gaps.

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