All You Need to Know About DLL Files and Fixing Them

all-you-need-to-know-about-dll-files-and-fixing-themIf you, like millions of people the world over use Windows as your operating system, then getting to understand DLL errors is most likely going to be something that will come handy someday. In order to begin understanding DLL errors, you will need to first know what DLL actually is and why they are needed for your computer.

‘Dynamic Link Libraries’ is what DLL stands for. They were initially introduced by Microsoft way back during the days when memory and disk space that nearly all computers has was quite small. Therefore, in order to decrease the space taken up by the OS, Microsoft came up with the DLLs.

Understanding DLLs further

In short, pre-installation of DLL, incase 2 programs in your program make use of the same routine, and then the routine’s code would include both programs. This definitely wastes both the memory as well as the disk space. Therefore Microsoft thought up of this smart concept where any code that multiple applications would use can be separated into a separate single file called a DLL.

This DLL file would get loaded just once into the memory of your computer while using. This kind of comprehensive way of using DLL would enable earlier versions of Windows that operate efficiently during a period when the memory conditions for PCs were restricted.

This will always be a great idea and usually works perfectly well, more so when you take into consideration the complete complexity of PCs of today in comparison to PCs just 5 years ago. The main issue is that, just like anyone who would use a computer for over 5 minutes would know that computers do sure go wrong sometimes and so do the DLLs. This is when understanding of DLL errors can be really important since a good understanding of the potential problems can give you the best chance to get a solution.

DLL Problems

There are quite a few problems that you may come across with the DLLs installed on your operating system, especially if your computer has been in use for a long time, and after many applications have been installed and uninstalled from your system over several months.

One of the most common problems that you might come across includes difficulty in getting the needed DLLs within the OS environment, the conflicts between all the various versions of DLL and having many unneeded DLL copies in your computer.

One good news: The DLL errors used to be a greater problem with PCs that have pre-Windows 2000 versions of MS, mostly because these older OS had no way of limiting the DLLs that got loaded to the system.

Therefore it is generally a common problem to have many DLL s that are all trying to perform the same exact tats at the same time and they all end up not being able to do what is meant to be done.


Usually DLL errors can get picked by any anti-spyware software that are running. Even any anti-virus software can find the problem out and fix it. Mcafee should be able to help. But when you have to use game software, even that may or may not help. So can help find the missing DLL files and help you run the program without any hassle, and all this for free!

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