How Important is Your Business Website Hosting?

how-important-is-your-business-website-hostingYou’ve started a new business, you have a great plan and now you’re ready to build a website. As you start looking into the process, you realize you will need to find the best business hosting for your website or it could quickly turn into a disaster. Do you understand how important business website hosting is or are you planning to take it for granted?

How Bad Hosting can Cost you Money

To illustrate how a bad hosting company can cost you money, we need to look at a simple example. Startup Company A just found what seems like a “too good to be true” deal on hosting for just $1 per month. They believe this deal is so good they want to lock it in for the next three years. Company A shells out a whopping $36 and they are set, or at least they think so.

Startup Company B (a competitor of Company A) finds the same promotion, but takes the time to look into the hosting company offering this super cheap deal on the best business hosting. After reading a few online reviews and testing the technical support response time, they decide to pass and continue their search. After a few more hours of due diligence, Company B decides to start with an introductory hosting package for $5 per month with a reputable hosting company. They lock this price in for three years and shell out $180 and they are set.

Two months later, Company A needs technical support because their website has gone down. They wait for the support team to help, but nobody seems to have an answer. Meanwhile, hundreds of visitors reach Company A’s website only to find an error page or find that it doesn’t load at all. Many of those visitors were ready to get out their credit cards and make a purchase. However, since Company A’s website was down, they ended up going to Company B’s website and make their purchase.

In the end, Company A may have saved $144 over the next three years on hosting for their website, but in just a few short hours of downtime, they missed out on many potential lifetime customers. This could end up costing Company A thousands of dollars over the long term of their business.

Is this a Real Scenario?

You may be thinking, “This will never happen to me.” However, this type of scenario happens all the time. Imagine paying somebody hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars to design the perfect website for your business. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on marketing and building your daily traffic up to more than 1,000 visitors a day. How much would you lose if your website went down for just a few hours?

Maybe a normal day for your business includes making 50 online sales and the average profit from those 50 sales is $1,000. Out of those 50 sales, 10 of those customers purchase again and 5 of them start using your company exclusively for what you offer. Those 50 sales could easily generate profits closer to the $10,000 range over your three-year contract with the cheap hosting company.

What happens if the 10 customers looking to order again come back to your site only to find its down? What happens if the five customers looking to use your company exclusively come back and reach an error page instead of your website? Will your business retain those customers or will you wish you spent a little bit more to ensure you started with the best business hosting possible?

Your business website can become a profit generating machine, but it must be hosted with the right hosting company. Don’t lose business just to save a few dollars every month. Instead, make sure you choose a reliable business hosting company with an affordable price.

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