I’m still alive and kicking!!

helllllo guys/gays

i was unable to maintain the site since around may or april due to some private work that needed my full attention. Now i’m alive and kicking and will be updating the blog with new design and also released more new theme a head.

here are some of the project/work you will see in the future..hopefully october at close

New site design

yeap..lot of wordpress designer or developer are already moving forward with new site design..i might as well catch the trend 🙂

the site design will had more features and section build so it easy to navigate whether you need to download new theme or old theme or if you need support (there will be new support section developed) anyway be sure to catch the new site soon

new or rather delayed theme released

new theme will released before end of the month, themename DARKGRAVITY aka dark gaming theme..hehe…the theme will be somewhat dark and had some red gaming feel to it so be sure to download the fresh version right around the corner

new support section

yeap..this is essential in the future site development since i mysefl can’t be attend all the email at hand so i will create a new section that give support to a commercial theme or the free theme…be sure to signup a new account there if you would like any support regarding any theme ok 😉

moving or developed more cms driven magazine theme and video theme

Personally i already made lots of client site work on this area but still haven’t release my own touch on magazine theme or video theme..you will see something here soon…….ohhhh yeah

theme series development

secret and still undergorund if you know what i mean…hehe

ok don’t leave yet…catch some new post a head

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