CSS Gallery Site You May Not Seen Before

CSS gallery are one of common web development nowadays but when come to higher authority in this field, Css Mania, BestWebGallery, CSS Remix and TheBestDesigns are among top visit and scout gallery but they all had the similiarity in latest design or site showcase, it lost a lil bit of freshness during times but hey who complaining? they showcase some of the great design site and frequestly update the gallery.

Screenshot taken from CSS Mania

Screenshot taken from bestwebgallery

Screenshot taken from cssremix

Screenshot taken from thebestdesigns

Where Am I Going With This?

One of my peers did mention or rather asked me if i know any gallery site that specify in japan style web design?. As far as i know i haven’t seen one yet so i browse and digging into the deep hole of discussion/forum and see if someone mention anything close to what i’m looking. Suprisely the result i found are amazing. I successfully found 2 gallery site that showcase japanese style web design and personally i think the designs are amazing and awesome.

Here are 2 css gallery site you may missed


1. Bm.straightline.jp are a web design sharing bookmark that showcase gallery of japanese and some non-japanese web design. As you visited the site, you may notice the good used of typography in the showcase site so you should visit the site for more web design inspirations.


2. Ikesai.com are a japanese based design showcase that cover almost all aspect/category of web design/style. It had sport design, money design, life design and many more. This site is a must visit for any designer who looking for a fresh inspirations for their works.

Personal Thought

All and all both site give a fresh new look on how i see a web style and design for future work. Both site are in japanese language so be sure to keep your dictionary around 🙂

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