Why Laravel Development is the Preferred PHP Framework for Web Developer?

the benefits of using laravel development
Laravel development has severally emerged as the best free, open-source web development framework. With more than 35000 Laravel Developers worldwide, most of whom are based in the US, it is no wonder Laravel is a trusted PHP. It uses the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Anyone seeking to develop a custom software will find that Laravel makes the development process much faster and easier. Laravel development is also popular because it provides solutions to common problems that developers encounter during web development. Below are some of the highlights of the web development issues that Laravel has tackled.

Smoothening authorization and authentication and fixing security issues

Ensuring that only authorized users get access to your secured resources is vital for every business. Laravel solves the problem of user identification because its authorization implementation is straightforward. It uses out-of-the-box configuration and ensures that there is organized authorization logic and that only legit people access resources.

Web vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting can be very costly for a business. A developer must fix these insecurities before they deliver a web app. Laravel protects web apps against a vast number of vulnerabilities as it is secure, has a robust codebase, and has undergone vetting by several industry players.

No more slow web applications

Slow applications are a turn-off for many. A fast web app is important when you want to capture and maintain leads which could bring in the dollars for your business. Laravel can support a variety of top cache backends such as Memchacad for larger applications. Backends help to increase a site’s performance.

You can easily test to see if it works as expected

beta testing wed development
Testing is critical to ensure that the developed software performs as expected. Laravel allows for automation testing for crashes, errors, and bugs. Automation testing is more efficient than manual testing. Laravel comes with an out-of-the-box PHPUnit for testing, and easy helper methods to allow for expressive testing. You can test user behavior by making a request to the application by, for example, by clicking on links. You will be able to see whether you are getting the desired output, or there is a need for improvement.

Laravel is designed with email, SMS, and sack notification features

Today, mail notification is crucial when you need to communicate to potential clients. For example, a new user should know whether their website registration is successful. With Laravel, apps can send mail via local or cloud-based services as it has drivers for PHP’s sendmail and mail function, Amazon, Mailgun, and more. Laravel also supports sending of notifications via other channels such as SMS and Slack.

instant error notifications

Proper error handling

In case a user is doing something wrong on your site, it is important that they get an automatic notification. Otherwise, they will assume that your application is problematic. If users assume that your website has a problem, it could mean a loss of customers and high bounce rates. Laravel is configured with error and exception handling as well as Monolog logging library which allows for effective log handling.

Final note

When compared to other frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Yii, and Zend, Laravel is the best PHP framework you can use to build your applications. The benefits of using Laravel web development are many. From being highly secure to having high performance, Laravel is the way to go to ensure your final web application meets your expectations.

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