What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

what are accelerated mobile pages
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source platform comprising of HTML that offers a time-saving and straightforward route to develop mobile-friendly and user-friendly web pages. Having a user-friendly web page means you get a web page that does not take much time to load and has all its features easily accessible on mobile.

When Did It Get Started?

Google introduced the AMP technology in October 2015, and after going through a series of reviews, AMP pages started appearing on Google search engine results in 2016. Since then, it became known as a popular tool for many companies to adapt to a better digital experience.

Now, you must be thinking that how amp does what it does, well, here is the answer.

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What is the Framework for AMP?

what is the framework for amp
AMP has changed the way we think about the data and information given on the internet. Now, we will discuss the essential frameworks that makeup AMP:

  • AMP technology has limits for the use of Javascripts to ensure the fast webpage loading on mobile. These pages come with optimized page load acceleration with a library that comes with customizable features.
  • The regular use of HTML is extensive, but the AMP framework follows strict rules for HTML tags. This strictness makes sure that there is a faster web loading speed. Under this technology, the CSS version utilizes a speedier version than traditional websites.
  • AMP Cache, also known as the AMP CDN, is an integral part of this technology as the content delivery is based on proxy. The content delivery network for AMP fetches the content for AMP and then caches it for better performance. There is no opt-out option during this process, which is better for an excellent performance. Google provides this cache system by default as soon as the AMP as the website is AMP proved.

In this way, an AMP helps a website perform better and eases the job for the website owner in forms such as;

Better Website Loading Speed

With the improvement in the website loading speed, the AMP improves the core business metrics as well as the user experience. An AMP website takes very little time to load, which instantly connects the users to the site and provides them with a much faster experience, hence giving them time to buy more products or get more services.

Application for Multiple TouchPoints

application for multiple touchpoints
AMP can be easily applied to multiple numbers of web touchpoints. AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, enable the business provider to make sure that they get to have a solid and an unparalleled customer experience no matter which platform they use.

It can be Bing, Google, and even social media sites like Twitter, and they can get the same default AMP pages on their browsers and apps adjusted to their convenience.

Customized CSS Platform

Having AMP web pages mean you can have access to a customized experience for the users of your website. That means you get to have dynamic data that can quickly fetch the newer data or customized content to build the ultimate convenient experience for your potential clients.

Final summary

So, now you know what accelerated mobile pages is and the ways AMP pages can help your website grow and stretch its full potential. As many website owners use WordPress, you can find an AMP guide for WordPress here.

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