How to Know if Your Current Hosting Plan Needs Upgrading

how to know if your current hosting plan needs upgrading
Startups are the most common users of shared web hosting because it’s both cost-effective and beginner-friendly. However, shared hosting comes with limited resources since multiple sites are sharing the same server. Lack of dedicated resources can lead to slow page loads during heavy traffic days. This negatively impacts your business and of course, you don’t want anything disrupting you from your success.

Also, your flexibility suffers as you try and fail to meet your website’s goals when problems caused by shared hosting happen. To fix this issue, you may prefer local web hosting. If you reside in Australia, then choosing Australian web hosting is your best option as a nearer hosting provider does make a difference to the speed, reliability, and faster technical resolutions. Also, choosing a dedicated server gets you a better-performing website.

So, how do you know that it’s time for an upgrade from your web hosting plan? Here are a couple of signs that will show that you have outgrown your current web-hosting resources.

Slow down during peak hours

Among businesses, it is a common practice to use special activities for festivals or weekends. Most site users prepare a wish list beforehand to get the benefit of special discounts, so imagine their disappointment when your website slows down during this time?

On any day, visitors expect websites to load quickly. If you have an e-commerce store, people who prefer to shop online over physical stores to save time will be forced to abandon your site in favour of another if met with slow page loads.

Using a VPS or a dedicated server will get you dedicated RAM, greater bandwidth, and a powerful processor. These are the remedy for any speed-related issues of your website. However, out of the two, VPS Hosting is far more affordable.

traffic spikes

Traffic spikes

Increased traffic on your website is the reason many business owners are happy but not being prepared for it is catastrophic. Shared hosting plans can be sufficient for average traffic which is below 10,000 visitors per day. Therefore, if you have more visitors than this it’s a wise decision to upgrade your plan to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting.

Custom requirements

A shared hosting server uses a pre-installed server setup. Any website you have that will be hosted on this server means adapting to this environment and customizations are not possible. This is because multiple sites use that server. This removes the possibility to install any apps or do any customizations.

vps or dedicated server
You know it’s time to move to a more controlled environment if you are facing any situation similar to this. Using a VPS or dedicated server gets you root/admin-level control over your server where you’re allowed to tweak and do different modifications.

Final summary

If you’re an online entrepreneur, then it follows that your website is the lifeblood of your business and so ensuring that it runs smoothly via a good hosting plan is vital. Not every website requires a VPS or a dedicated server, but when you outgrow your plan the next step is obvious. First, consider the best and nearest hosting provider. An Australian web hosting solution is a great place to start if you’re in Down Under. Get the VPS server, which is certainly more customizable and powerful than any other web hosting solution.

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