Why You Shouldn’t Cheap Out via Shared Hosting


Why Shared Hosting Is Not The Best Option

If you’ve been on the search for a quality web hosting package to help you build your business, the odds are pretty good that you’ve looked into the different kinds of hosting options available out there.

Most people are going to find that there are:

  • Shared hosting packages
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting packages and
  • Dedicated server hosting packages

… And most people are going to be at least a little bit confused about which one is going to be perfectly suited to their needs.

We can tell you with full confidence that you’re going to want to shy away from shared web hosting for a handful of different reasons.

Shared web hosting is all right for those that are running a personal website that won’t see a lot of traffic, but if you’re hoping to build your business on the back of a shared web hosting platform, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Here are some of the most important reasons you’re going to want to avoid shared web hosting at all costs!

Shared hosting is a lot less secure

Yes, shared web hosting is ridiculously inexpensive – we are talking about being able to find shared web hosting that costs around $12 a year if you know where to look – but you’re giving up A LOT for that ridiculously low cost.

Most importantly, you are compromising the total security of your website in ways that any smart business owner cannot do. Because you’re going to be sharing your web hosting platform with a bunch of other businesses, any and all security vulnerabilities that they have are going to open up your website to attack.

There’s nothing worse than having to go to your customers and tell them that their payment information was stolen because you were too cheap to go with anything but shared hosting. Talk about a final nail in your business’s coffin.

Shared hosting is a lot less snappy

Secondly, shared web hosting is going to be a lot slower than VPS or dedicated server hosting packages.

Again, you’re going to be sharing all of those resources with hundreds or even thousands of different sites – and that’s going to put a real tax on the resources that you have to take advantage of.

A slow website is going to turn visitors off immediately (it’s the Internet, so they’ll be able to click the back button and find hundreds of your competitors with websites that load a lot faster in no time at all), but it’s also going to cripple you when it comes to search engine optimization.

Google and all of the other big search engine networks really prioritize loading speed when they quantify their rankings. If your site is slow (and on shared web hosting it will be), you aren’t going to have any chance of getting a top spot.

Shared hosting handcuffs your ability to build your business

Finally, when you go with shared hosting compared to a VPS or a dedicated server you are handicapping and handcuffing your ability to build out your business.

A lot of the server resources you would have access to with VPS and dedicated server solutions are going to be off-limits, and you’ll never be able to fully administrate or troubleshoot your site. That means that if anything goes wrong you are at the mercy of customer service and support to get you up and running.

That could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars – maybe even millions if you were in the middle of a dynamite marketing campaign.

Bail completely on shared hosting. Look to VPS or dedicated solutions for your business web hosting needs. Your options can include service providers like InterServer or Myhosting and make sure to use InterServer coupon before signing up.

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