3 New Plugins for Your Growing Website

3 new plugins for your growing websiteIf you want to make your website more engaging, you need the right tools and services. You need the right domain, a reliable web hosting company and an appealing design. If you use a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, plugins are extremely useful for upgrading your website. There are plugins that perform many helpful functions, such as attracting more visitors or ranking better in the search engines. Because there are thousands of plugins on the market, you have the luxury of being able to shop for the ones that are best for your purposes. The following are three plugins that you should consider for making your website more successful.

1. Icegram

Every business needs leads. In fact, acquiring a steady stream of qualified leads is practically synonymous with growing your business and increasing revenue. Your website can be a powerful lead generating tool. Yet many businesses find that it’s a challenge to obtain visitors’ email addresses. In order to entice people to do this, you need an effective tool such as an opt-in form. Icegram is a plugin that makes it much easier to turn visitors into leads. With this plugin, you can create up to 12 distinct types of opt-in forms, including popups, floating action bars and overlays. This lets you test different methods to find out which provides you with the best results. There’s also a feature that lets you make an offer to exiting visitors.

In addition to the main product, Icegram offers a couple of other plugins as well. Rainmaker is another tool to help you create opt-in forms. You have a choice of several styles of simple forms that you can embed anywhere on your WordPress site. No coding is needed and you can have these forms working for you within five minutes of installing the plugin. Email Subscribers provides additional tools for getting opt-ins and sending newsletters. There’s a widget for creating subscription box sidebars as well as shortcode for embedding the subscription form into your posts. Email Subscribers provides additional tools for getting opt-ins and sending newsletters. All three plugins have both a free and paid versions.

2. AccessPress Social Auto Post

Social media marketing provides one of the best ways to expand your audience and build your brand. However, posting to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is time-consuming if you do everything manually. There are various services and plugins that help make this process more efficient. Unfortunately, many of these solutions are rather costly. They can also be complicated to use and configure, which defeats the whole purpose of simplifying your social media marketing. One exception is the AccessPress Social Auto Post plugin, which you can get for a one-time fee of $20.

This plugin lets you configure all of your social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. If you have multiple accounts on some of these sites, you can post the same content to more than one account. You then simply decide what content you want to post to which platforms and let the plugin do its work. For any business that’s active on social media and wants to save time, AccessPress’ plugin is highly recommended.

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms makes it simple to create any type of form for your website. This is a powerful tool for any type of business. While many plugins and services, including one we’ve already covered here, specialize in opt-in forms, Gravity Forms gives you the ability to create virtually any type of form you might need. This is a powerful tool for building your business. Creating engaging forms makes it easier to engage with your visitors, whether you want to sell them something, get their opinion or offer them support. In fact, the diversity of features this plugin offers may very well give you new ideas for useful forms you might build.

One of the best things about Gravity Forms is that it works with many other services that you probably already use. It can be integrated with PayPal, AWeber, GetResponse, Zapier and many other services. You can use Gravity Forms to create surveys and polls to engage with your visitors and gain helpful information about their preferences. You can use it to create order forms for people to purchase your products. It can be used to create support forms when people need help. There are countless uses for this plugin that make your website more user-friendly. Gravity Forms is not free, but at $39 it’s quite reasonable considering all of the features it offers.

Plugins can make a big difference for building your website. They’re simple enough to install that you don’t need any technical skills. In fact, if you’re able to install WordPress from your web hosting dashboard’s cPanel, you have all the skills you need to install plugins as well. While the three plugins described above have proven themselves very useful to thousands of users, you should always perform your own tests and consider your own needs. Whenever you want to add a certain function to your website, always check to find out if there’s a free or low cost plugin that will do it for you.

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