WordPress Theme – Darkmambo


Dezzain’s first releases a free theme and now available for download at TWN. The Darkmambo WordPress theme was designed and coded by yours truly. Darkmambo is a fixed-width 2 column WordPress theme that had a width body area of about 1000px for more content and more flexible articles. It comes with widget ready and myavatars also included inside the theme code. The theme also fully coded with clean source code and valid CSS/XHTML. A clean WordPress code making it easy to edit a custom view per page.

darkmambo_foot.gifDarkmambo also includes a 3 column footer for the latest topics, recent comments, and most active and commented post(*plugin required). Colorful footer making it more interesting and fun.

toink_effect_dm.gifAnother theme feature would be the TOINK effect..hehe..that’s what I called it. It’s just a CSS element that makes the hover effect for the bottom link got some toink to click me the effect that tempted the visitor to click it. The theme can give theme users a private site feel with some dark secret environment. Making it suitable for any blog that runs a private community or even a rock band..oh yeah!.

Personally, I think Darkmambo have some great design element but the disadvantage of the theme is that unlike any CSS design, its main body elements are unchangeable with a CSS so currently I’m making a couple of version of the theme, a light blue and white mild version and will also provide a download link for the slicing PSD of the theme so if any themes community would love to take the challenge on making it more colorful and better design…it’ll be great. Any questions and support about the theme are welcome.

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