5 Amazing Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

speed-up-wordpress-websiteWordPress is one of the best content management systems and this can be said with conviction because many blog owners around the world prefer using the WordPress platform. WordPress is efficient and user friendly; however, with lack of proper maintenance, your WordPress website/blog might become slow.

Fast page load time is one of the most crucial aspects of any blog or standard website. If your website is slow, you will hit the bottom of the search engine results within no time. No one likes to browse a slow loading website and you can easily lose a lot of your visitors if your website takes a long time span to load. There are simple things that you can do for changing this and for making your website faster.

Some helpful tips for speeding up the WordPress website are mentioned below:

 Investing In A Good Web Hosting Platform

While searching for a web hosting platform, don’t just look for the best price; look for the best quality as well. The web hosting platform you choose plays a crucial role in ensuring the uptime of your website. If you search online, you will come across many free and paid WordPress hosting options. Although free hosting might look attractive to you, but it might not provide you with the necessary hosting resources and your website will be offline most of the times. If you are hosting your WordPress website for the first time, then shared hosting is a good option to start with but as the traffic to your website increased and as your website grows, it is recommended to invest in a VPS hosting.

By signing up for a higher web hosting platform that consists of more resources without the fear of website slowdown or website crash.

Use a Good Theme / Framework

If you set up your WordPress website with a theme or a framework as the base, then you must ensure that it is the best one. Search for simple themes and frameworks that have a clean code. If the core functions of your website are running smoothly then the effect will definitely show up in your website’s performance. Search online for themes and frameworks, you will come across many of them to choose from.

Use A Caching Plugin

Caching can improve the page load times of your website substantially. It is a process through which parts of your website re saved on the visitor’s browsers so that they have to be loaded only once instead of loading every part every time a visitor comes to your website. This works perfectly for the regular visitors. You can use the ‘W3 Total Cache Plugin’; this plugin will help you to achieve the best caching capabilities on your website.

Optimize The Images

Images are crucial parts of content and you will come across many websites that have images along with the content. As a result of having many images on the website, a considerate amount of load will be added to the website thus making it slow. It is possible to optimize all the images without losing the quality of the images; however, if you do this manually, optimizing each and every image will be a big task for you. Instead of doing it manually, you can use a plugin called ‘WP Smush’. This plugin will automatically optimize all the images of your website.

Use A Content Delivery System (CDN)

If you are not aware about the functions performed by a CDN, it takes away all your static files like CSS, images etc. and makes it available to the users through a server that is closer to them. As a result of this, all your visitors all around the world will be able to access your website in the quickest possible time. Most of the CDN services are available at affordable prices.

The simple tips mentioned above can work wonders for your website if you implement them. Your WordPress website deserves the best and you can ensure the best through simple methods and without any investment.

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