Safeguarding WordPress Sites from Spam

safeguarding wordpress sites from spam
WordPress is known to be the most widely used solutions for working with sites and blogs. Therefore, the safety of sites is of concern to many. Protecting your online resource from intruders is also critical as WordPress is at risk of infection more than any other platform. The absence of functional plugins and special applications pre-installed in the CMS are weak points that make this CMS vulnerable.

According to the analysis of experts in the field of web security, over 240 obvious vulnerabilities have been reported by developers. Third-party plugins and apps were 54% infected with shell, backdoors, and spam links. In other words, hacking a WordPress site is easy for hackers, unless there is ip blacklist security protection with a real time spam IP database.

Effective WordPress Site Protection – Where to Start?

If you have the slightest suspicion that your online resource was hacked, it is necessary to check it with some antivirus programs. Specialized WP plugins are often used as reinsurance, for example, AntiVirus, Wordfence Security or Exploit Scanner. Despite being quality software solutions, they sometimes determine normal, working code elements as suspicious ones. Therefore, it is better to view the test results manually.

To successfully safeguard your online resource from viruses and DDOS ​​attacks, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Download apps and extensions from the official website of WordPress;
  • Periodically update the versions of plugins and themes;
  • Remove unused plugins and design themes in a timely manner, without waiting for their possible infection.

How Can Plugins Help You?

In the battle against spam, webmasters use the special plugins. Apart from the software that cleans WordPress sites from garbage, the Akismet plugin stands out as the most advanced spam detector. Its advantage over similar extensions is that it uses captchas to protect against spam. The solution checks comment left by users on reconciliation with their own (and quite extensive) base of spam links. To activate the solution, you will need to register on the official site of the plugin and download the API key (detailed instructions can be found on the Internet).

What Is CleanTalk?

cleantalk org homepage
CleanTalk is a cloud service designed to protect online resources from spambots. CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to website visitors. This allows you to abandon the methods of protection that require the user to prove that he is a person (captcha, question-answer, etc.).

What are the main capabilities of CleanTalk?

  • Comments safeguard from automatic and manual spam;
  • The plugin does not use captcha, questions/answers and any other elements that complicate the work with an online resource for its visitors;
  • It allows for automatic blog posting of relevant comments;
  • The plugin can filter messages according to the list of stop words predefined by the owner of the website. This option can be used to prohibit the automatic publication of

messages containing, i.e., references to competitors.

Owing to its setting and unique features, CleanTalk solves a lot of problems modern webmasters have to deal with.

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