Best Sites to Find WordPress Tutorials, News and Resources

WordPress is one of the popular blogging tools for writer/blogger community. If you’re as passionate as i am with using WordPress, you might also like me always search for more tutorials, resources and news related to WordPress. There are lots of people in WordPress community that willing to share their knowledge on tweaking and hacking WordPress core, themes or plugins. Personally i myself love to share some tutorial on WordPress if i find it useful enough to share to the WordPress community 🙂

However there are GAZILLION “well not that much” sites that offer news, tutorial and resources on WordPress, narrowing and bookmarked them down seem tiring. Reading and exploring them all seem impossible unless you’re on the computer 24 hours a day which i doubt it.

Browsing WordPress News is one of my favorite pass time (in lunch break), although there some question arise whether WordPress News Blog had it value or not? For me, in reader point of views, its a gold mine but in developer point of view, it is a losing battle in time and money. Now if the WordPress News site had like millions of visitors per-day like big news site such as CNN or NYTimes that’s a different story but according to search engine resources, ‘wordpress’ (yes, i’m using small cap) only had less than 6% search volume per-day globally. So as popular as WordPress seem to me and you, making money with WordPress news site are not as easy as you might think.

Alright, now that you’ve read my weekend rant, check out the best sites to find WordPress tutorials, news and resources i found here at WHdb

At WHdb, you can find best resource for WordPress news, community and blog, WordPress beginner guide, WordPress Themes and Plugins News, WordPress Hostings, WordPress design and development, WordPress videos, WordPress tutorials, tips and tricks and BuddyPress tutorials.

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