Where You Can Find WordPress and Website Developers

WordPress and Website Developers

Web Developers can be a company or a single person who handles and is an expert in website projects, including WordPress and Website development. There are thousands of Web development company out there, and sometimes it’s hard to choose which is better, so naturally, many start-ups or potential clients will be looking at job portals online to find an expert web development company or individual.
Potential clients will face a couple of problems when looking for a web development company or individual.

  • Trustworthy
    can the web development handler be trusted and not dry off or run off with the client’s development budgets?
  • Skill-wise
    is the web development handler familiar with the skills needed to complete the website project?
  • Timekeeper
    will the web development handler finish the website project according to the client’s earlier set time?
  • Communication
    is the web development handler fluent in the client’s native language? can the web development handler communicate online with a client?

These are essential keys when potential clients search for a web development company since they will likely re-hire the web development company or individual for future projects.

For new start-ups and clients looking for good and trustworthy web developers, here are a couple of online job portals you can start with.

Upwork.com (used to be known as Elance.com)


Upwork.com is a popular platform for connecting with skilled freelancers, including WordPress and website developers. When seeking developers on Upwork, you must use specific keywords like “WordPress developer” or “website developer” to narrow your search. By browsing through relevant categories and skills such as “Web, Mobile & Software Development” and filtering results based on expertise, experience level, and ratings, you can identify freelancers who align with your project needs. Reviewing freelancer profiles, portfolios, and client feedback provides valuable insights into their capabilities and past work, helping you make informed hiring decisions.

Once you’ve identified potential candidates, posting a detailed job description or directly inviting freelancers to apply can yield suitable proposals. Conducting interviews with shortlisted candidates via chat or video calls allows for deeper discussions about project requirements, timelines, and expectations. Utilizing Upwork’s communication and project management platform streamlines collaboration and ensures transparency throughout the development process. Providing constructive feedback post-project completion contributes to maintaining a reliable pool of freelancers and facilitates future hiring processes on Upwork.


About Freelancer.com – If you’re exploring freelance opportunities or seeking to hire freelancers for projects, Freelancer.com is another prominent platform similar to Upwork. It offers a wide range of freelancers, including WordPress and website developers, across various categories such as web development, design, programming, and more. To find WordPress and website developers on Freelancer.com, you can use specific search terms like “WordPress developer” or “website developer” and explore relevant project categories.

On Freelancer.com, you can browse through profiles of freelancers and review their portfolios, ratings, and client feedback to assess their skills and expertise. Similar to Upwork, you can post detailed project descriptions, set budgets, and specify project requirements to attract suitable freelancers. Freelancers can also bid on your project, allowing you to evaluate proposals based on cost, timeline, and approach.

Once you’ve identified potential candidates, communicate with them through Freelancer.com’s messaging system to discuss project details, clarify expectations, and negotiate terms. The platform provides tools for managing milestones, tracking project progress, and making payments securely. Providing feedback at the end of a project helps build a reputable community and assists other employers in making informed decisions. Freelancer.com offers a robust platform for connecting with WordPress and website developers and managing freelance projects efficiently.

Smashing Jobs

About Smashing Jobs – If you are serious about becoming a successful freelancer, you shouldn’t miss the posts from SmashingMagazine. Not only were they able to create an informative website, but they could also integrate an online job board into it. Smashing Magazine Jobs is a great resource to find job opportunities and freelance gigs. The platform’s layout is divided into 3 categories: design, programming, and others. This allows you to filter the freelance jobs that fit you the most. Unlike FreelanceSwitch, you are not required to pay to apply for a certain job. The employer’s contact information is always provided at the bottom of each job post.

Final Summary

Above are 5 top job portals where you can find reliable web developers to handle your next WordPress or Web Design and Development projects. There are a few more alternative job portals, such as Craigslist, Guru, and Corofloat. Although the above-listed job portals are best for finding web developers, there’s plenty to go around if you prefer a more professional web development firm.

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