Mark Ghosh Leaving Weblog Tools Collection

For those who doesn’t know, Mark Ghosh is the creator and founder in one of popular WordPress News Portal, After more than 8 years working on Weblog Tools Collection, he decided to transfer WLTC to more willing and presently capable hands so he can focus more on his job, career and family.

About Mark Ghosh

Mark is an avid fan of business, education, technology and finance. he lead a lean, highly focussed and capable team of Java Back End developers and Front End developers through a maze of complex software wizardry to fulfill the web maintenance needs of a large chemical manufacturer. As per Myers-Briggs Personality Types, he is an ESTJ. he pride in a project completed on time and according to plan. His hobbies include all kinds of technology, anything that he can taste and anything that goes fast or flies in the air. He like to read business books and comics in his spare time.

Farewell Word From Mark

So Adios and Gracias. I hope to see you in another blog, and take part in another conversation with you someday. It has been a wonderful journey and I appreciate everything that has taken place because of WordPress and every bit of help and encouragement that has been provided to me by so many of you. So thank to my wonderful audience of many years, thanks to my advertisers, thanks to my authors and finally thanks to Matt and to WordPress for making my life so much more fulfilling and successful.

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All, And to All a Goodnight!

Final Summary

I still remember back in the day where i always (like once a day) visit Weblogtoolscollection for WordPress News, Theme and Plugin Release. We here at Dezzain wish Mark good luck and better and brighter future ahead.

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