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Weeks ago I been posting about Wpthemesfree.com add a link back to their site and after visiting one of my favorite blogs WPthemesplugin and notice that WPthemesfree currently will not be linking their site in the footer. This is a piece of great and wonderful news for me and also for all theme developers.

Personally, the site has given much downloads line for themes developer and myself and appreciate their effort on removing the extra links to the footer of the submit themes. Goback to my previous review on the site I personally love what they’re doing there. The site strucutre is great and organized. Below are an excerpted email taken from wpthemesplugin:

I have read the comments on your post your readers should know this project
is not for money. Countless firms want to put a sponsor link on our main site under the property links but we are always refusing again and again. As mentioned this project is not for money. But if the site pushes our simple server too much we can think of adding at least an adsense on the site to upgrade a powerful server which can handle the traffic.

Laura Simmons (wpthemesfree speaker) has been taking some drastic changes in their site development and i do think their site will get a lot of traffic and definately will push their server so an advertisment placement is one way to support their site. I agreed with Laura on that part since the theme site definately will get larger and larger and like theme.wordpress.net maintain by undersigned, they are getting more and more visitors from time to time…so you can really guess how much work to run a theme portal or theme submit/community site..

In the future, they will also add a choice function in their submission form. Uploaders can either check or uncheck for implementing of wpthemesfree.com link in the footer so this gives uploaders more choice in their submission. Another great move in their development measure. Surely this will be an option that all uploaders hope for. I myself will be visiting the site from time to time to preview some great theme..some of them are not seen before..maybe it was submitted by a theme developers or designers that did not have an upload right in themes.wordpress.net so they decided to promote their theme and design at wpthemesfree instead. Sure hope they can approve my uploads next time I upload at wpthemesfree…lol

So what’re you waiting for? you looking for a specific theme..don’t worry wpthemesfree got tons of selection from the category tag you can choose and browse from..don’t believe me..you can check out their site at Wpthemesfree

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