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DarkOFluid is a 2 column fluid width round corner WordPress theme. It includes a widgetize and jquery slide sidebar. Yes..I have been updating the news about the release of this theme and here it is and hope you guys can give some feedback or some shout-out if found a bugger inside. Ok now let’s talk about the theme. It had a round corner side layout and dark grey background. A clean post area…I know the social mini tool that I included in a couple of my previous themes is not can easily get a more powerful social tool with the sociable plugin.

daofluid_short.gifThe theme is a step-out predesign for my next custom portfolio type WordPress theme..still haven’t got extra time with it and not sure when I’ll be able to finish it..just kidding..its soon!. Since I need to include some jquery into my next theme so I try out and testing with some nifty jquery code and wanted to know how it looks in multi-browser users. Another one that I really would like to try later on is the yahoo dropdown menu..I found something about it last night and currently screwing around with the code. As you can see the top sidebar is always open and if you want your blogroll or pages to be open on top just move it to the top of the widget config in the admin panel. The only problem with the sidebar slide is that it will be closed after you refresh the page or navigate to another page after you open all them up…..haven’t got a solution for that..might want to look into the original author site first. What if you don’t want a sliding sidebar and wanted an always open sidebar? and you wanted an editable header so you can put your logo in there…I know the header was mention quite frequently on-site:) I will put on the solution below…it’s just a walk in the park…

How To Edit The Header For Logo Header

First, you need to look for the options folder inside the theme folder. open it and you’ll find 2 PHP files and 1 header.psd file. The PHP files are header_texttitle.php and header_withlogo.php. If you want a logo style header..just copy and paste the header_withlogo.php to your desktop and rename it to header.php then replace it with the existing header.php inside the theme root. don’t worry if you replaced the header and need to revert it back to the original text-based header..just grab the header_texttitle and rename it and replace it…..well you know how it’s gone…

open the header.psd with your image edit software. I prefer adobe cs2 and start editing the area..remember to show the slice area in photoshop so you don’t need to resize it then save it to the image. After you did editing the ready to save it to image and save it as hbg.gif and replace the existing file inside the theme images folder..walla you’re done and now you’re a master photoshop user..:)

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