Designing Promotional Drawstring Bags for a Lasting Impression

Designing Promotional Drawstring Bags for a Lasting Impression

The goal of using promotional items is to pass a marketing message along to a targeted audience. The main message is to tell or remind them about your brand. Therefore, printing a brand logo and name on your preferred promotional item is enough to pass a strong message. If you prefer to use promotional drawstring bags, then you should design bags that leave a lasting impression to make a difference in your brand. 

How can you come up with attractive drawstring bags that will leave a lasting impression on both users and viewers? This article will help you. 

Plan the Design of Your Drawstring Bags

It is crucial to know what you want before approaching a promotional bag seller. If you have a marketing team, brainstorm the best design, colors, and message to print on these bags. Assess the needs of your targeted audience and anticipate what would attract them to attain a lasting impression. 

You can also research the type of promotional drawstring bags that others are using and assess their impact on the targeted audience. Aim to stand out, especially if this is a common promotional item in your business. 

Choose a Reliable Service Provider

A promotional drawstring bag seller will typically help you to come up with bags that leave a lasting impression and print them for you. You should check out RocketBags to find out more about this.

Therefore, choose a seller with a reputation for functional and attractive bag designs, high-quality printing, and other positive qualities. This will increase your chances of getting the right bags for the job. 

Use the Seller’s Catalogue to Design 

Most reliable sellers help clients design amazing promotional drawstring bags using a catalog. The customers follow the catalog to choose the following:

  •       The design – Ensure that it is a functional design that will entice the targeted users to carry your promotional drawstring bags daily for a lasting impression. Also, ensure that it is big enough to carry sports clothes or other accessories. 
  •       The material – Choose a material that is durable if you are looking to make a lasting impression. Common materials used for promotional drawstring bags include nylon and cotton, but polyester and jute are also good options. 
  •       The colors – It is best to incorporate the company colors for instant brand identification. However, you can also choose neutral or standard colors if your logo and company names will stand out better. 
  •       Printed message – The most vital step is the printed message, such as the logo and company name. They should be conspicuous and high-quality for a lasting impression. A reliable service provider should provide you with options to achieve this.

Distribute Many Promotional Drawstring Bags

If you want to make a lasting impression, it is good to distribute many promotional drawstring bags to the right audience. Also, encourage your target audience to use the bags to make your brand known to many people. You can give out the bags to college kids, sports fans, conference attendees, and your customers at the shop. 


When you’re looking to make a lasting impression through promotional drawstring bags, ensure that they stand out. Ask your service provider to use high-quality printing on functional bags. With this, your project will definitely yield positive results.


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